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When resin art is shaped with an Omani touch

The use of natural resin dates back to ancient Greece where it was commonly used as a primitive form of chewing gum. As of today, resin continues to rise in popularity becoming an important medium that allows artists to create stunning art pieces and builders and interior decorators to create dramatic furniture and decors.

In the art world, resin has been embraced by artists not just in the West but even in the Middle East and the rest of the Orient.

Working with resin for artwork, one needs to be familiar with how the resin acts and behaves and how hardener is applied to get the desired chemical reaction. After complete hardening, it gives a glossy surface like glass, but it is unbreakable and lighter in weight. Thus, you can mix resin with colours and pour it to make pots, coasters, bookmarks, medals and ornaments. It can be poured in certain ways on wood, glass and other surfaces to make very elegant wall paintings, wall clocks or tables.

Resin art is a highly versatile art form that allows for endless possibilities. Although this craft is beginner-friendly, there are several important factors to consider before diving into it. The cost of the tools can’t be considered cheap and the work requires time and focus.

To demonstrate how much resin has grown in popularity in the country, several female artists came together to launch Resin Art with Omani Touches on September 4, 2022 in the Art and Soul Gallery in Seef Mall, at the Waterfront Qurum under the auspices of Hilal bin Hamad al Sarmi, member of the Majlis Ash’shura and representative of the Wilayat of Al Seeb.

The exhibition was attended by Omani artists who specialised in making artworks with resin and had previously participated in local and international forums for this art.

Kamila al Rahbi, Hawraa al Mousawi, Fawziya Hassan Salman, Hayat Hassan Salman, Buthaina al Munthiri and Hawraa Mahboub all have their unique voices as artists and this showed in the different creations they presented before the public.

The exhibition includes more than 35 paintings, and other resin works such as trays, coasters, boxes, bookmarks, medals, phone covers, hair accessories, jewellery, and other artworks made with resin.

At the exhibition, one of the most admired artworks is the one by Kamila which is a painting of the two Sultans — Sultan Qaboos and Sultan Haitham. Titled “The Vision”, it is made up of an eye, and in the centre is a unique picture of the two Sultans with the Omani flag around them. It demonstrates how the Omani people are following the path and vision of the two Sultans.

Other head-turners include the work of Hawraa al Mousawi — an artwork of two huge golden wings that were made of resin and golden glitter, and the exhibitors took personal pictures of them in front of these wings and transmitted them through social media.

Hawraa al Mousawi is known for her wonderful and delicate murals, especially three-dimensional paintings in the shape of a rose and another in the shape of sea waves, poured on the image of a woman. For the first time in the Sultanate of Oman, the technique of preserving natural roses in resin has been used.

The participating artists said that the aim of holding the exhibition is to draw attention to this modern and beautiful art, which allowed creating of works of great beauty and sophistication.

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