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Al Maghboor: The perfect face of a community united


Photos by Adnan Dahish & Esam al Shanfari

Omanis, all throughout the history of the country, had demonstrated that they can unite towards a common cause. Unity, solidarity and collaboration are the reasons why Oman is a growing and thriving country today.

Oman has specific traditions where people show their love and help each other in times of need.

In order to help newly married couples start their own family life, people in Dhofar gather to give them Al Maghboor as a wedding gift which is an amount of money that is provided in cash by the community including relatives and friends to the groom.

The tradition of Al Maghboor is one of the most important forms of social solidarity among the members of the local community in Dhofar, and it has been passed down to successive generations.

Back in the day, people used to contribute according to their financial capabilities. There were people who offered cash, and there were those who offered livestock. Those who do not have the financial capacity to help, offer moral support by helping prepare the feast and welcoming the guests.

Today, contributions are made by financial aid and the amount varies from person to person and largely depends on relationships and communications.

To facilitate this philanthropic event, usually, the groom sets aside a table and a clerk in a particular place of the wedding tent to welcome well-wishers and participants and to write their names and the amount of their participation. Such a record will be the basis for the groom and his family on how they will return the favour on future occasions.

This tradition is not only confined to wedding occasions, but people also do it in funerals where money is given to the deceased’s family.

To reduce the costs of the funeral and to help families in their times of need, especially if the deceased is the only breadwinner for the family or their financial circumstances do not cover their living needs, such a heartwarming event highlights the community’s compassion.

Al Maghboor may also be given in cases of incurable diseases, to pay off debts or build mosques and many other different cases.

Although there are many diverse social events today, there is still a large number of people who attend them and do their duties diligently.

The children are also shown the event in order to pass the critical custom and traditions to the future generation.

In addition to the material side of this inherited tradition, significant positive and important social aspects have a positive impact on society. Such practice helps spread love and compassion among people, increasing the strength of unity and interdependence between them, and enhancing the values of solidarity, collaboration and compassion among members of society.

This, in turn, reflects positively on the culture of society, brings people closer to each other, consolidates social relations between them and makes them more compassionate and united generations, and helps build a harmonious and symbiotic society.

Despite the material and social obligations, which have become burdensome on individuals and families today, Al Maghboor is still present in many social events in Dhofar.

Al Maghboor remains a positive social tradition, which people of Dhofar strive to preserve, adhere to and strengthen, due to its positive moral and social dimensions to the society.

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