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The world of Salukis in Oman

Saluki, deep-chested and long-legged, also known as the Persian Greyhound, are simply 'an owner's pride' and they are not very

common in the canine world. They are developed from dogs called sighthounds and are a standardised breed.

Salukis are said to have once used by nomadic tribes in Arabia to catch their game animals as they hunt not by scent but by sight. The ancestors of the modern Saluki breed were used for hunting by nomadic tribes and the typical quarry included the gazelle, hare, fox and jackal. History says that Bedouin hunters would sometimes ride close to their quarry on a camel holding such a dog while hunting hares, which would be thrown towards the prey while at speed to give the dog a running start.

In Muscat, a rare litter of 10 pedigree Saluki puppies was born on April 23, 2022 coinciding with International Puppy Day.

The sire (father) is Tayyar who belongs to Maggie Jeans, an AOS member. The dam (mother) is Farah who is owned by Australian Rebecca Elfverson, former Wardrobe Mistress at the Royal Opera House and owner of My Inner Muse Boutique.

Former UK Ambassador to Oman, Sir Terry Clark, is the AOS expert on the breed & author of the book ‘Salukis of Arabia’. The breed are less common in Oman than in the rest of the Gulf because of the rocky terrain and the ban on hunting in the Sultanate.

“The Saluki is the oldest breed of dog. There are 4 males and 6 females in the litter. They are all thriving and are now 5 months old & five of the litter are still seeking good homes,” said Maggie Jeans.

Salukis are credited as being the fastest dog breed up to distances of around 800 metres (2,600 ft) which make them faster over longer distances. The Guinness Book of Records listed a Saluki as being the fastest dog, capable of reaching a speed of 68.8 km/h (42.8 mph) in 1996. The Saluki has commendable stamina when running thanks to its heavily padded feet absorbing the impact on its body.

Salukis have a winning streak and they crown at dog shows. A saluki from Bahrain recently won the Best in Breed at the annual World Dog show held this year in Madrid. These gentle, intelligent and elegant dogs are ideal companions too. They need plenty of exercise and running on sand with their webbed feet, which are also perfect for swimming.

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