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Wadi Sharjah: A Treasure Hidden Between Rocks

Photos by Muath Al Nadabi

Many tourist sites are treasures that were found after ongoing explorations, the more you explore, the more you find what fascinates you, such as the waterfalls of Wadi Sharja in Jabal Al Kour in the eastern side of the Wilayat of Ibri. Where these waterfalls flow splendidly from the heights of Al Kour Mount, the rocks of this solid mountain are slashed, picturing the spirit, beauty and charm of nature, revealing a wonderful geological and natural treasure in which we see the wonderful workmanship and greatness of the Creator. Magnificently, you can see the details of a hidden oasis between the rocks and mountains; As soon as you enter this place, you will find it standing tall in front of you, as this oasis represents a cool outlet for tourists in the hot summer.

What distinguishes Wadi Sharjah waterfall is the wonderful flow and the beautiful view that attracts visitors, along with the cool atmosphere, the spectacular breeze and the wonderful scene of the waterfalls.

The site is perfect for families to spend the best times of relaxation in trips and picnics. It is perfect for families as there are no dangerous sites except inside the waterfall, and in general it is suitable for different types of tourism including hiking, swimming and picnics.

The waterfall descends from approximately 200 meters high. Which makes it a wonderful site for climbing and adventure enthusiasts to go through different adventures such as ziplining. The way to the waterfall is surrounded by Sidr and Ghaf trees, along with the stillness and calmness of the place , which gives the tourists energy and inspiration.

The natural pool and the fresh and crystal clear water lakes are what attract people the most to the Wadi. Many tourists and visitors enjoy dipping in its lakes. surprisingly, there are water lakes at the top of the mountain. Those who have physical fitness and can access them won the most wonderful tour of this site, due to its wonderful and beautiful views and fresh and cool water.

The place abounds with many diverse and dense natural trees that visitors and tourists can enjoy their shadow including the “Arak” trees all around the place with a splendid view, and the drooping Ghaf trees with their dense shade, as well as Sidr and Samar trees and other green trees that bring together a sense of freshness. Additionally, There is a huge attracting gravel in the Wadi, where the water runs in a captivating scene showing the greatness of its Creator.

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