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Jamma: A beautiful ancient village

On the banks of the wadi, about 25 kilometres from the centre of the Wilayat of Al Rustaq, lies a village called Jamma. This small village is a confluence of the wadis of Al Rustaq.

Once on the plateau on which the village is located, the visitor can see the panoramic view of the “Al Mabsali” palm trees that bear fruit annually.

Farmers irrigate their farms either through the artesian wells or through the channels of the "Al Buwayrad”, "Al Ghail" and the "Mansour" aflaj. In addition to the diversity of water resources, this village is calm and characterised by its archaeological landmarks. Among the most important archaeological landmarks in this village are the old town market, which is located on the western side, and ancient houses such as Beit Al Souk and "Bani Harras Fort", and there is another fortress located in the town of "Al Mansour". It is a residential fortress that was inhabited by the ancient Al Busaidi families.

There is also "Al Khuba" which is a big pool of water that ranks among the most important tourist attractions in the village. Village youth frequent this place for adventure.

The residents of this village are famous for their interest in agriculture and handicraft industries such as pottery, decorative products, daggers and swords.

Most of the old houses in this village are exposed to collapse and erosion, and their doors and windows are decorated with their ancient inscriptions. Most of the villagers moved to nearby places, where they built more modern homes. But this neighbourhood remains an archaeological symbol that tells the history of this beautiful village.

“As soon as I arrive in this village on my way to my house near it, it enlivens my childhood memories of peace and naughtiness at the same time. I am pained by the situation of its buildings that are falling over time. It is necessary to stand on such neighbourhoods that summarise a precious historical period, and we suggest thinking about maintaining and investing in them seriously,” locals proposed.


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