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Blood bank needs 500 donors this week

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Muscat: The Central Blood Bank in Bausher needs more than 500 blood donors this week to meet the needs of health institutions for blood units, and given the low stock of most blood types, an official statement said.

Making a desperate call, the blood bank urged all citizens and residents to take the initiative and continue to donate blood.

“Generally, blood banks face difficulty in providing negative blood types. If your blood type is negative, do not delay your bid, and remember that there are those who are in dire need of your blood donation, the central blood bank said.

An official at the blood bank said, “We can collect 500 units of blood within two days, and I am sure that the community will respond. We are facing a decrease in the number of blood donors and in donation campaigns, and we urge the community to help restore the stockpile to normal. One person's donation saves the people.”

Allaying any fears about blood donation, the central bank said that around 450 ml of blood is collected from the donor, which represents a small proportion of the blood in a person’s body (approximately less than 10% of the donor’s blood volume).

“As the average adult has about 5 liters of blood. The entire blood donation process takes about half an hour, but the actual blood donations take five to 15 minutes.

As per the initial requirements, the donor must be between 18 and 65 years old, weight should not be less than 50 kg.

The blood pressure should be also in the normal range, it added.

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