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Crafty for a cause

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Muscat: Two environmental artists are wasting no time to turn shells and trash into fashion accessories and curios. The proceeds

The proceeds from the sale of these items are donated to feed the poor or helping those who lost jobs due to COVID-19 in Muscat.

Cecilia Pitre, a sustainable lifestyle consultant and Amira Khouildi have come together and put their skills to best use for a cause. The deft hands of these women from France and Tunisia have transformed broken jewellery, unused nail polish, and other unwanted items to things of beauty.

None of them had any clue that their small venture would eventually help support poor families and those who run out of income.

Both residents in Jebel Sifah, 45 km from Muscat, used their lockdown time to collect sea shells from the beach to make newer designs.

After 47 days of self-isolation in Muscat during lockdown, Cecilia stayed back to render helping people in Sifah village and around Bandar Al Kayran island.

“We are all in the same situation, but not with the same privileges,” says Cecilia who contributed her foremost and devoted her time for it.

“As an SME owner, I faced problems with business activity so if I want to keep helping people who are less privileged I had to raise money by selling things,” she explains.

Cecilia used her creativity to create a collection and named it ‘BCBG Sifah Collection.’

She also managed to collect money and buy a large amount of grocery (dry food and canned food), few clothes for men and lavatory items to distribute in Sifah and neighbouring villages.

Cecilia wishes she could help more people who are in need. “I am also not in my best shape of finance or business and I am also waiting for a flight out, until then, I keep helping people who are less privileged.”

Cecilia presented Amira with many baby cacti which she re-planted in recycled and decorated plastic bottles and in big shells. Those cacti sold very fast and helped raise money for the poor.

During her evening walks at the Sifah beach, Amira collected massive shells and wooden sticks to make very creative designs as a new ‘home’ for the baby cacti.

“I decorated my design with small shells, some of them as a base and others as ornaments. Then I added some old wood as a base too. I just added glue and made a nice creative composition all from nature,” says Amira.

During the pandemic, she spent most of her time after school in online teaching, reading, painting, walking and cleaning the beach.

Amira says “as humans we love to help the poor and seashell design is for a good cause. COVID-19 gives me the opportunity to work on my creative skills which help support many poor families.”

They talented duo sell their wares online at a very reasonable price which encourages people to buy as many are generous. They hand over more money or come forward with food and other necessary items.

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