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Creatively doodling feelings and experience

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Graphic design is an extraordinary talent and skill that require special competencies and personal qualities to master. Thus, the ability to create something out of nothing is a difficult one indeed, especially when the outcome can become stunning visuals and engaging illustrations that can make an impact or an impression! As graphic design is not everyone’s cup of tea, those of us without such specific skills can reach out to designers to hire them firsthand to get our designs done.

Inspiration is an essential part of graphic design. Thus, an artist needs to have a great idea to start with, a visual to draw inspiration from and the motivation to get the job done of course. As it has been said that design is thinking made visual and intelligence made visible. However, everyone could use some inspiration; we just need a little reminder of our courage and strength, so we could be creative in what we are good at, especially if one is a graphic designer or an artist.

As a matter of fact, creativity in arts is mirrored in different forms and styles of drawing and sketching. Among the most inspiring and mesmerising of these arts is doodling, an art being loved by millions of people worldwide. Perhaps, it is becoming a trend nowadays for its attractiveness, simplicity and beauty to express feelings and reflect on the experiences of artists. With Doodle art, one can create stunning illustrations and sketches, wonderful illustrations and beautiful colourful paintings!

Doodle art is an absent-minded graffiti or scribble, which is usually executed in some unexpected material such as the margin of a book or manuscript. Sometimes, it is practised when a doodler is preoccupied with another activity like attending a meeting or a lecture. Doodle art is sometimes undervalued as art for it is a fun way of expressing oneself. However, it is a brilliant way of experimenting and learning to draw. Doodling gives a unique insight into your artistic style, conveying parts of your personality not shown through other mediums of art.

As a creative and well-experienced graphic designer, Maryam bint Khamis Al Ismaili was spellbound by Doodle Art, who could master it after a couple of years of practice and experience. “Finding your own style of creative drawing is a process that can only be achieved through long and intensive practice. In fact, when sketching becomes a continuous habit, then creativity comes naturally, ringing various possibilities and ideas that can be reflected in final illustrations and designs”, Maryam commented.

Maryam, as a creative doodle artist, was inspired by cartoon and animation characters, she first came to know about doodling in 2012 through an international art forum organised in Oman. From there started the spark of inspiration, backed by reading and more practice over the years. Her first doodle piece was successfully and passionately made in 2016. So far, Maryam has produced over 100 pieces of doodle artworks, most of which are personal requests and orders from customers.

Today, she produces doodle illustrations in different objects such as t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, walls and others. She likes to draw cartoon characters and Omani landmarks in her doodles. She believes that doodling adds a different taste and beauty to the places and objects where doodles are executed. In fact, it marks a way of inspiring people and attracting their attention. Further, Maryam conducts specialised courses in doodle art too for artists and doodle enthusiasts. She could be approached on Instagram at @mrym_iam.

Reflecting on her experience in graphic design, though she acquired the talent by practice and not study, Maryam pointed out, “Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves a combination of visual communication including talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Technology and psychology are also essentially related to the process”.

“We are visual creatures. Hence, doodling, as an art, attracts not only the eyes but the mind and heart as well. Being creative, opens up new ideas, exercises our brain and makes us feel good. Doodling is a quick and fun art, combining thinking and making at the same time”, Maryam stated.

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