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Low visibility in all governorates due to rising dust

Muscat: Oman Meteorology has issued an alert on the possibility of low horizontal visibility for motorists in the desert and open areas of Al Dhakiliyah, South and North Sharqiyah, Muscat, Dhahirah, and Dhofar governorates.

Especially, on the road to Salalah Road (Adam - Haima - Thumrait) motorists have been urged to take care and caution while driving and the possibility of postponing their travel to and from Dhofar Governorate, due to the active winds, until the current situation improves.

Meanwhile, Oman Meteorology confirmed the presence of the center of the tropical depression near the Indian/Pakistani coasts. "There is a possibility of scattered rain over parts of Al Sharqiyah South Governorate and thunderstorms near the coast of Al Wusta Governorate."

There is a possibility of scattered rains on parts of the coasts of the Arabian Sea, Hajar Mountains, and the surrounding areas during the afternoon."

Fishermen and sea-goers have been requested to take precautions and not risk going to the sea for their own safety. Fishermen must move their boats to safe places and follow up on weather developments from official sources.

The emergency department of Al-Jazer Hospital on Saturday reported that one person died of an accident in Al Wusta. One person was critically injured, while four persons suffered moderate injuries.

"Please take caution and leave a sufficient safety distance between vehicles, do not change lanes unless necessary, close the vehicle windows well to prevent dust from entering, as well as turn on the headlights and headlights," ROP said.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) said that motorists using the Adam-Salalah road to be cautious due to the low visibility because of active sand winds and delay unnecessary trips until the road is clear and visible.


According to an official at ROP, “We have enhanced the police presence on the densely populated areas in the roads leading to Salalah on the Adam-Thumrait road. Air ambulances have been placed at Haima to help take patients to hospitals in the event of any emergencies.”

Not minding the resources required for the deployment of such a scale, ROP said that no efforts will be spared to save human lives.

Not ignoring the accidents that continue to be reported, the official said road accidents, however, have decreased compared to the past years due to an increase in police patrol activities on the highways.

He said, “I have noticed that while travelers are aware of the precautionary measures to be taken on the roads, they still need to be wary of the natural desert climate conditions such as low visibility, strong winds, accumulation of sand on the road.”

“Most accidents are not only due to negligence but also due to taking preparatory measures such as vehicle maintenance, fuel checks, and ignorance of the fatigue factor.”

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