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A comfy and safe space for ladies

Women in Oman need their space. This is of cultural importance and society recognizes that women should be allowed a safe space where they can express themselves comfortably.

A medical doctor graduate of Sultan Qaboos University, Siham al Sinani is not just a mother of three but also an entrepreneur who saw the need for a business lounge where women can interact and empower each other.

On June 25, 2022, she officially launched Sorella which she hopes is a proper innovation that would lead to a positive response to the community which it serves.

Sorella lounge is located on the fourth floor of Mazoon Square building, with a beautiful three-sided view of Mazoon Mosque, Mawaleh South and Mazoon Street in Seeb Wilayat, Muscat region.

“As a business lounge, Sorella emphasizes providing a suitable venue for women to perform their jobs, study, meet, or just come to catch up with friends in the most convenient environment possible. It is meant to support women to network with others and enhance their opportunities, with the emphasis of collaborations, conversations, and connections”. Siham said.

The lounge is ideal for all women of different backgrounds and ages. Its cosy environment can accommodate up to 90 ladies at a time. It has comfy seating areas and specialised corners for studying and working. The lounge also has three private meeting rooms equipped with all the materials and tools needed including interactive screens for meetings. It also has a dedicated photo studio for those in need of professional profiles needed at work. The lounge also serves tasty coffee, drinks, and snacks by Omani baristas.

“Sorella Lounge is a fantastic opportunity for women of different age groups, jobs, backgrounds, and educational levels to meet with other women from different fields, to build and grow their businesses and/or careers and be supported by like-minded women in a safe environment without many formalities as the lounge is for women only including the staff who are all women”, Siham said.

Although Siham had completed her Master’s degree abroad and had no concerns about working and interacting with men, she came up with this idea as she found that Omani women, who are governed by a conservative culture would rather prefer working and studying, and relaxing around women.

“Omani women tend to be more relaxed and productive around other women without the constraints of the certain ethics and etiquette we need to hold around the opposite gender”, Siham commented.

So far, the concept of the lounge has received numerous positive feedback, since there are no such spaces that are only for ladies.

“The concept gives me the chance of giving back to society some of the many good deeds I have received as a woman in my life and career”, Siham expressed.

The lounge targets all working, businesswomen and students to enjoy the encouraging environment and effectively work on their projects and/or strengthen their studies.

Siham did not have any fears before launching her new idea, yet she had concerns about how to deliver the concept of the lounge accurately without any misunderstanding or mis-conceptualizing. As many think it is a café, Siham emphasized that it is not a café, It is a business lounge that serves coffee, other drinks, and snacks.

“I had concerns that the idea could be understood differently and perhaps taking me out of the track as a business lounge to be a coffee shop or a gathering venue for parties”, Siham said.

Consequently, Siham always tries to spread the concept of the lounge via her platforms on social media in addition to the customers when they visit the lounge. The concept is becoming gradually clearer day by day through continuous communication with the target audience.

The most critical obstacle Siham had to deal with is her humble experience in the world of business, therefore, she tried to contact experienced persons in this domain to help her deliver the concept and launch the first ladies’ lounge in Oman. Siham found that the most significant elements for any business are support, perseverance, and ambition.

Moreover, Siham had delayed the lounge launching because of the period she had taken to look for Omani ladies baristas, “With persistence and perseverance I was lucky to find Omani baristas who loved the concept and are currently working with and supporting us with their delicious coffee and drinks”, Siham added.

For Siham next step is to open the lounge in its all capacity and launch a new branch in another region here in Oman to reach all women.

Siham provides all ladies with a message that clearly illustrates the idea of the lounge, “My message here is to all women in Oman from different backgrounds, nationalities, age groups, and educational levels: Sorella ladies’ business lounge is for you. I would love to see women visit us, utilize, and enjoy the services that are available in it. We are here to support your development and growth”. She also urged women to stand for their ideas and belief in themselves to ultimately see their dreams coming true.

“You can do what you are dreaming of doing and reaching your potential by receiving support but also by giving forward and supporting others. The supporting means are available. You need to open your eyes, heart, and mind to where and how you can find them” Siham added.

Siham, with her novel idea, and the messages she wants to deliver through her lounge is a well-representative model for all women, particularly Omani women.

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