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Putting Oman on the map as a romantic destination


Ahmed al Jaabri is one of the pioneers in discovering different places for outdoor adventures in Oman. The places you visit today, whether it's a wadi, a remote beach, or a mountain escape, chances are, he and his former adventure buddies are the reasons why you know about those places today.

For years, Ahmed has worked with different media and groups to bring Oman destinations into the consciousness of people and he became the unofficial tour guide for Oman Daily Observer.

Unlike his peers, however, Ahmed has taken a different route. While the country's outdoor adventure scene is growing tremendously, he banked on his knowledge of different locations in the country and combined his love for photography to become one of the most well-known family and romantic destination photographers in Oman.

As of late, Ahmed has ventured into bringing couples and families to some of the most beautiful and romantic places. Whether it's a 'surprise proposal' in Barr al Hikman, a family farewell photo in Bandar Khairan or a wedding at the beach of Shangrila Barr al Jissah, Ahmed is one of the reliable creatives who can bring out not just the beauty of the place but the treasured moment.

"I take inspiration from different channels online. Whenever I see something that can be done in Oman, I do it. When you visit some of the places in Oman, it's easy to fall in love with them. To put the love of the place and for people's love to each other and capture that on a photo, I think that's one of the most prized treasures anyone can have," he said.

"Having been to different places in Oman, I feel that it was needed to highlight these places romantically. People, for example, travel to Turkey in cities like Cappadocia to have their photos taken. If we can establish Oman as a destination for these dramatic photos, I think it will be a great contribution to the overall effort of promoting Oman's tourism," he said.

Ahmed works closely with his clients to capture some very unique shots, one that they can be proud of sharing with family and friends and even on social media.

"Many people want to save special moments in a photograph for posterity. In today's world, if there's no photo, it didn't happen. My goal is to make sure that they not only see Oman's beauty by showing them the best destinations but also helping them lock in those moments," he said.

For couples or families who would like special photography and trip packages, Ahmed can be contacted through his Instagram account: @ahmed_aljaabri

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