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Supplement your source of income - grow aloe vera plant

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Among the diverse home based projects in the Sultanate of Oman, the most distinct is making of soap and perfumed products from the aloe vera plant.

The aloe vera plant is the miracle plant and considered the friend of women and some women are keen to allocate a small area of their garden for cultivating it. The plant is one of the essential basics for women as it is a natural pharmacy that women use in many diverse medical and cosmetic fields.

Amira al Nasari from the Wilayat of Ibri has embodied it in her own home project. She is using the aloe vera plant in making aloe vera soap. She said the environment in the Sultanate of Oman is conducive for its cultivation. Once the plant is saturated with water, it becomes useful. The marketing of its products can be done through social media platforms and by participating in local exhibitions.

The aloe vera plant is characterised by its ability to retain a large amount of water, forming a therapeutic gel that is used in many products. It is spread in various regions of Oman and is a successful project for those interested in investing in it due to its increasing medical and cosmetic uses.

As for the method of extracting the gel from a plant, it is done by cutting the leaves of the plant into two halves, so that the juice is collected where it is used when needed and kept for long periods without losing its effect.

Domestic works are a new stream to the national economy, as they reduce unemployment rates and decrease job opportunities. The Sultanate of Oman is witnessing a wide activity in the emergence of a large number of home projects, which benefit from the remarkable development in the methods of advertising and electronic marketing on the Internet and social media.

It began to receive government support, including recent decisions issued by The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion via Ministerial Decision No 473/2022 regarding the regulation regulating the practice of home productive work.

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