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Teller mobile application to make money transfers easier


An Oman-based company has launched a new app, Teller, which will assist people in the Sultanate of Oman to transfer funds from their account to any other bank account instantly with simplicity.

Teller app has been developed in cooperation with Bank Dhofar and has the approval of the Central Bank of Oman, according to the company

Hosted in the Sultanate of Oman, the app has been audited and verified as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

“Teller is one of the few Apps that has achieved this comprehensive security certification in Oman. In addition to the trademark by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion.”

By using Teller App, any user in Oman can transfer money safely and instantly to any other customer in Oman irrespective of whichever bank the sender and the beneficiary have an account in.

The registration to the App is simple and straightforward.

All that a user needs is his or her debit card and to transfer money to someone all what is needed is their debit card number. The receiver does not need to have Teller App and that is part of the simplicity. Above all the money gets credited directly into the receiver’s bank account instantly.

Teller App is also a handy App in case you have multiple cards belonging to different banks. You can register multiple bankcards in the App and thus Teller becomes your single App to process transfers from all your accounts irrespective of whichever bank it belongs to. So, no more hassle of switching to a particular bank’s App to transact with the card of that bank and then to another bank’s app for a different card.

Another Innovative feature is the ability to quickly pay to anyone if you are to make instant payments to your service providers, helpers, etc, there is no need to spend time in registering the beneficiary.

Use the Teller App “Quick pay” option and all you need is the beneficiary card number and money can be transferred instantly with no waiting time. In addition, the charges in Teller App is competitive and cheaper when transferring certain values.

Ahmed al Rahbi, CEO (pictured) of Teller Fintech States, said, “We encourage everyone in Oman to download the Teller App from Google Play or the App store and also to check out our social media channels to know the latest happenings and more innovative solutions that we will be bringing to the market.”

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