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As tourism bounces back, Wakan is becoming a regional household name as a destination


It’s the perfect combination of nature and an old, dreamy village that makes Wakan an attractive destination for visitors. Whether it's during winter or summer, its pristine landscape complemented by misty mornings is an amazing escape into the lap of nature.

After a few years of slumber, the rise in visits to the different tourism destinations in Oman shows promise that the country's tourism is finally making a rebound.

Wakan rose in popularity due to its beautiful apricot blossom season and the perennially green gardens and the mysterious appeal of the village had made it a must-check-out when in the country.

“Today, Wakan has become a domestic name and made its mark as a great destination. It has attracted its own fans from people who wanted to enjoy mountains and nature," one of the tourism practitioners shared with Observer.

“It was a perfect escapade from the boiling heat from the rest of the governorate as we visited the Wakan village last weekend and spent a few hours from early morning till noon. We could see visitors in many groups climbing up and down the village underlining the fact that domestic tourism is literally evoking curiosity among the residents as well as citizens alike,” Rabyab Sidhique, who visited the village with friends from the UAE, said.

Travel experts say that Oman’s outdoor season is ideal just as the summer began to set in for those seeking comfort, outdoor entertainment and adventure. The weather is great during the winter months which attracts even foreign visitors to make Oman their ideal place for winter vacation.

“Oman is a perfect destination to plan your holiday throughout the year especially from October to April to enjoy the beaches as well as the mountains. Oman is a preferred destination among the couples who are looking for destination wedding options as well,” says Sunil D’Souza, Chief Executive Officer, Travel Point LLC which receives tourists mainly from Europe, India, China and the Gulf region.

“We experience that the travel market is slowly and steadily gaining its ground as the country has relaxed the travel restrictions to ease travel procedures, even favourable for both inbound and outbound travellers,” said Venkat, a travel expert.

Wakan is a small mountain village amidst Western Hajar mountains in the North Al Sharqiyah some 165 km from the capital Muscat and is located 2,000 meters above sea level decorated with beautifully terraced gardens overlooking the surrounding mountains above and Wadi Mistal below. One has to climb nearly 720 steps to the peak which is the home to the Al Manji tribe. Over the years, it has gained a name for itself as one of the most ideal destinations for a one-day tour. The walk is soothing it takes around an hour to reach the top and upon reaching the top of the unimposing village, one can fully experience the old Omani settlement.

“Driving up to the village can be a challenge as 5km of the road leading to the village is unpaved and having 4×4 and some good driving skills is necessary. Once up there, the view of the mountains and the path will take your breath away. There is a very long track going into Jabal Al Akhdar that one can take. Make sure you have proper footwear and plenty of water if you choose to go through that track. Otherwise, you can chill in the village and admire the scenery,” a visitor scribbled on social media.

There are benches, rest areas, observation towers and mosques all overlooking the village and its terraced gardens. The descending Falaj passes from the top of the village towards the agricultural terraces and you will be welcomed to see different butterflies, dragonflies, and apricot flowers in full bloom.

Those who are addicted to trekking will enjoy Wakan as there are trekking and hiking tracks that start at the village and they are clearly marked by the yellow, green and red flags that mark most hiking tracks in Oman.

“We, a group of 10 adults and 6 kids visited Wakan Village last weekend and the drive itself was a beautiful experience passing through the magnificent Muscat mountains which made up for the perfect day trip. It was beautiful blue skies with the clouds touching the mountain top, water spring running in falaj from the top of the Mountain till down, and camels and goats loitering around on either side of the road that welcomed us,” another visitor said.

It will roughly take almost an hour to the top over 700 steps where you can include breaks for photo shooting. people are rushing forth the village for a life-long experience and to bask in the peaceful environment and silence on the top. Those who have been to this place confess that it is worth seeing a cute green village between the huge rocky mountains.

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