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When rains become a regular visitor

Interestingly enough this year the monsoon from India is sending clouds to northern parts of the Sultanate of Oman. Now people are debating that this is part of climate change

It is summer and everyone wants to travel. Some are already enjoying the break at various tourist destinations around the world. Then there are some of us who have thought of holding onto holiday plans and are greatly surprised with the summer weather of 2022 in the Sultanate of Oman.

The summer rains are a regular feature in the interiors of Oman due to the Al Hajr Mountains’ involvement in churning out local clouds.

To stand and watch the arrival of the clouds in Wakan village is a treat on its own. So is Al Hamra. However the rain we experience in Salalah is of course the monsoon and it has always brought in nostalgic memories of overcast skies and the drizzle.

Interestingly enough this year the monsoon from India is sending clouds to northern parts of the Sultanate of Oman. Now people are debating that this is part of climate change.

Whatever could be the reasons for the clouds to reach here, the anticipation of rains is much high and delightful.

There is something about rains - it washes away everything and the freshness is in the air. Mountains wear a different colour and trees are brighter. Plants want to flower and wadis rage but later they hold onto water to the joy of young and old.

Everything feels like new after each rain.

When we are boggled up with the changes and surprises that are thrown at us in our lives the earth also goes through many changes and some of it could be caused by us and some just its cycle. Our knowledge might still be limited.

But what we can do is follow safety rules and be cautious with flash floods. Rains have always been there but why do we have to challenge a flowing water. Instead why not enjoy its beauty.

Poets want to write and drift in thoughts during rains but there are some who are put off with rains not just because they cannot move about but because it stirs up emotions within them especially sadness.

It is definitely interesting how nature has influence on us.

The changes in nature, however does have an impact generally and at times it can be a challenge. For instance, the summer is also when (palm tree) dates are going through crucial stages. Traditionally it is the glaring sun and heat that prepares the dates to be harvested. And the next stage is where they are spread out on the ground to be dried. The farmers probably are not looking forward to the rains and could be thinking about how to go about it. Some find the clouds gloomy, but imagine how far they have travelled, intensified to drizzle or pour.

They are holding precious gift - water.

So let us think about harvesting rainwater and keep it to use it instead of letting it rush to sea or letting it to evaporate. The beauty of water is that nature never wastes it. From ocean it will go up only to go through condensation process to come back to earth. But where it will fall? There is no guarantee to that as there are wind directions to guide.

So when we get it let us keep it.

As the rain nears the birds stay silent after the initial chattering and animals become alert so let us not go helter-skelter. Instead, let us stay calm and let the rain do their part - shower us with goodness.

Stay safe.

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