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Pushing himself to reach the world’s 4th highest summit

Many adventurers managed to climb the summit of Mount Everest, yet Suliman Hamoud Al-Naabi, the Omani adventurer, has extended his climbing journey to the Lhotse’s summit, the 4th highest summit in the world, at the same journey, becoming the first Omani and the second Arabian reaching both summits.

“The passion of climbing the highest summits around the world generates from the massage that any adventurer wants to deliver. Personally, my massage was to achieve unprecedented record numbers in the field of climbing summits as an Omani adventurer”, Al-Naabi said.

In 2015, when Al-Nabbi successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest summit in Africa, he decided to continue in this challenging domain and climb more summits.

“I have prepared myself adequately for climbing this summit, I was determined and persistent to climb its summit”, Al-Naabi about climbing the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Locally, Al-Naabi has climbed several mountains, which are considered among the highest in Oman. The green Mountain (Jebel Akhdar) was one of these mountains, which rises to a height of 2,980 m above sea level. Besides, Shams Mountain, which its height extends to 2,997 m above sea level. Furthermore, Al-Naabi has climbed the heights that link Wakan village and Al Awabi Governate.

“The climbing experience in Oman is special, due to our distinguished environment and nature, which has helped me significantly to be well-prepared for the next climbing plans’’, Al-Naabi added.

Al-Naabi was keen on participating in international competitions and training courses to sharpen his climbing skills and broaden his knowledge in this domain.

“In my opinion, the key characteristics required for this activity is to have enough confidence, endurance, concentration, patience, determination, wise decision-making, cooperation, and leadership”, Al-Naabi said.

“There were no concerns nor fears, and that is a very critical pillar that should be taken into consideration in the pre-preparation phase. Staying positive, and excluding any negative ideas are the first step towards achieving your goals, otherwise, any fear can suspend you from starting your journey”, Al-Naabi said.

However, Al-Naabi expressed the hardest situations he has been through, one of which was seeing the dead bodies of people, who had previously tried to climb the same summit, all along the mountain. Also, the long duration of the journey to reach both summits, which has taken almost 60 days. Besides, the low temperatures that have reached -40 C, and the continual harsh avalanches, “All of these risks can be avoided to a great extent by practicing”, Al-Naabi added.

The stimulus that always provokes Al-Naabi to continue is remembering the massage he wants to deliver, which is to make Oman's records in this field internationally recognized.

The moment of the arrival at the summits was one of the most unforgettable moments for Al-Naabi, as it was full of mixed feelings, pride, joy, success, and gratitude. One of the lessons he has learned was to dedicate yourself to helping others to reach with you the summit and never restrict that achievement to yourself.

“I would advise anyone interested in these types of activities to train enough before stepping forward, and ensure all the safety procedures needed”, Al-Naabi said.

Regarding Al-Naabi next step is to keep practicing and achieving more new records to be added to Oman’s records in this field.

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