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New boost for growth of micro-enterprises in Oman

micro businesses (1)
micro businesses (1)

Seeking to fuel the growth of micro-enterprises – small businesses operating from within households – in the Sultanate of Oman, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion has issued a ministerial decision to better regulate and organise such activities.

As many as 9,092 micro-businesses are currently registered to operate within homes in the Sultanate of Oman. Only citizens can operate micro-businesses in households in line with the government’s efforts to enable Omanis to bolster household incomes.

By obtaining licenses to operate home businesses or acquiring commercial registrations for the purposes, Omani entrepreneurs are governed by laws and regulations that safeguard the rights of sellers and consumers alike.

Sunday’s Ministerial Decision requires that anyone who engages in home-based business activities must regularise their status in accordance with the provisions of the regulations within six months from the date of its coming into force.

It also repeals Ministerial Decision 4/2011 regulating the practice of certain household business activities and cancels any provisions that contradict the provisions of the new Ministerial Decision.

The new decision prohibits the practice of household business activities without a valid license from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) in coordination with the competent authorities.

Following are business activities approved for operation within households: Packaging activities; Retail sale of flowers and natural plants; Retail sale of artificial flowers and plants; Hairdressing and cosmetics for women; Retail sale of textiles and fabrics of all kinds; Retail sale of ready-made garments; Manufacture of Omani khanjars; Silver handicraft making; Products made from ingredients distilled from flowers and herbs; Manufacture of craft products for the production of frankincense water and oil; Production and refining of olive oil; Manufacture of handicraft products from cotton fabric or wool; Manufacture of craft products from leather; Manufacture of craft products from fronds;

Manufacture of craft products from wood; Manufacture of craft products for cosmetics and perfumes; Manufacture and processing of incense; Manufacture of handicraft products of pottery and earthenware; Manufacture of handicraft products from stone and gypsum; Manufacture of handicraft products from copper and metals; Manufacture of artisanal products for traditional fishing tools; Manufacture of craft products derived from bones; Tailoring and embroidery of Arab and non-Arab women's clothing; Renting of textiles, clothing and shoes (including wedding dresses); Parcel wrapping and gift-wrapping; Tailoring and embroidery of women's abayas; Organising parties; Manufacture of Arabic sweets; and Dates packaging.


(Courtesy: Eshraqa)

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