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A rising star in marketing sector shares secret to success


Trials and tribulations are part of life but success usually follows those who use them as stepping stones.

The story of Maha al Balushi, who was chosen as one of the Top 10 Women Leaders In Oman 2022 by Women Entrepreneur is not any different from the rest who transformed their rocky path into a flowered promenade.

Al Balushi, the founder and Chief Strategist at Key Marketing is nothing but a solid message to both the aspirant and deserters in life.

She, at a very young age, carries out every responsibility at her workplace. Being the founder and chief strategist at KEY Marketing is no less than a challenge for her but she played the game well. Despite her young age, she gained both the knowledge and experience needed to create a successful marketing strategy for her clients’ businesses over the years.

Her success mantra is simple. “I believe the minute you take full responsibility for yourself and your actions and stop blaming anyone and anything will you be able to move forward,” Maha shared.

The founder of Maha Key, Al Balushi advocates for caring for her company like a mother who takes care of her small child. This fact is proven effective by her, who, at a very young age carries out multiple tasks at her workplace.

At a very young age, she gained both knowledge and experience to create successful marketing strategies for clients’ businesses. She said she was lucky enough to get the chance to study abroad which helped her in drawing different strategies for different sectors.

After high school, she secured a scholarship for studies in the UK for six years where she pursued a Diploma in Marketing and Advertising, followed by a Bachelor’s degree in media & culture studies and finally a master’s degree from the University of Nottingham. Soon after her graduation, she started working in different marketing and advertising agencies around the GCC and she has also worked with many clients in Oman and elsewhere.

In 2021, despite the challenges of the pandemic, she pursued her education further and got certified as a ‘digital marketing specialist’ by the American Marketing Association.

Her baby, Key Marketing, was started with a zero budget and without a team or an office she carried out every responsibility with her acquired knowledge, hard work and self-confidence.

“I remember I used to create marketing plans, develop marketing solutions by myself and I would go to companies and convince them to collaborate with me,” she shared regarding the initial days of her journey.

It was just the beginning. Many people and different companies began to support her just because they could see that she was trying to create something valuable with the little resources she had. Also, she believes that the government, represented by the Riyada, has played a great role in supporting Key Marketing and other small businesses.

“I had worked in various positions in previous jobs. I met clients in sectors such as telecom, tourism, petroleum, education, banking and more. in both private and public sectors. I also worked with a lot of small businesses which enhanced my experience. I believe I was always blessed with the best bosses and colleagues. In my early years, one of my bosses offered me one hour every week, where I would sit with him and clarify my doubts and learn new things in the industry as I always wanted to learn more about marketing and advertising.”

She never spared any stone to learn more. She is a reader and makes it a point to read every day. Also, she enrols herself in marketing and advertising courses to stay up to date with everything new in the marketing business. According to her, everything she has been doing in her life has together helped her to create a marketing agency and to be a successful marketing strategist where she can deliver something valuable to the table.

Key Marketing was established in 2018 and provides 360-degree marketing services. Starting from marketing plans and strategies to branding. digital marketing campaigns, designing, social media marketing, filming and on-ground activation, it offers a wide range of services.

“We are young and passionate and always aim to grow our client’s businesses. Initially, I had to carry out every responsibility. Still, now after building a team, I can build marketing strategies and plans for our clients, which then move to the execution team which turns strategies into reality. When it comes to working with our clients I believe that everyone in my team is an expert.”

She believes that if one wants to keep his or her business running, then he or she needs to be flexible and manage to change his strategies along with the current situation he or she is living in. “Marketing is a fast-moving industry, therefore you should never stop learning, and the minute you think that you know enough is the minute you are going to move backwards.”

Maha shared, “Believe in yourself, trust yourself, you and only you can create a better future for yourself, and if I can do it then you can too. And I have to mention here that my family has also played a great role in forming my personality and have been very supportive, and I wish that we can have more families supporting their daughters to reach their dreams.”

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