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TRA issues advisory on wiring for Internet services


The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has published an advisory video on setting up internal communications in buildings.

Ibrahim al Maawali from the Technical Specifications Department said that in every building there are infrastructures that support telecom services, which in turn facilitate the delivery of telecom services to those buildings by telecom service providers.

He explained that the main principles of connections are as follows:

1) Equipping the building with wall wiring to the main distribution box in the middle on the ground floor

The extension of the cables be continuous without intermediate connections and take into account the sizes of the cable passage pipes with future needs.

Separate the path of any communication cable inside the building from the electrical cables at an appropriate distance according to the electrical voltage.

Do not install communication sockets in a place that may be exposed to moisture, dust, or extreme heat.

Not to place communication sockets in a place less than 30 cm above the floor surface.

For single-story residential buildings, the following is recommended:

1) Extension of Class VI copper cabling to connect the main distribution box to all telecommunication sockets through cabling ducts.

2) Provide copper cables from the main box for each wireless network device (WiFi).

As for multi-story residential buildings, they must:

Provide the main distributor box on the ground floor linked to rising channels with the floor distribution boxes on each floor.

Provide a distribution box in each unit on the one floor with the provision of cable passage channels

Third: Commercial Buildings:

A communication room must be provided in the commercial building as an alternative to the main distribution box.

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