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No work visas for expats in 207 professions

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The Minister of Labour has issued a decision No 235/2022 on Sunday regulating the practice of some 207 professions.

The decision was based on the Labour Law issued by Royal Decree No 35/2003 and Royal Decree No 89/2020 establishing the Ministry of Labour, defining its terms of reference and the organisational structure.

The decision is in line with several ministerial decisions that regulate the recruitment of expatriates over a wide range of sectors.

Article 1 of the decision said that expatriates will be prohibited from practising these professions and they can continue until the expiry of the current work permits.

This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall take effect from the day following the date of its publication.

It may be noted that in 2018, the Ministry of Labour has banned 87 professions spread across over nearly 10 sectors.

Some of the important professions which were included in the prohibited list released on Sunday are administrative manager, director/manager of staff affairs, human resources manager, public relations manager, manager of the CEO's office, employment manager, follow-up manager, security supervisor, director for students affairs, career guidance manager, manager and deputy managers, HR and recruitment specialists, librarian, store supervisors, librarian, water and electricity meter readers, travel ticket officers, delivery agents, security guards, bus drivers, public car drivers (transport), head of departments and trade unions, psychology/social specialists, legal clerk, payroll and wage accountants, insurance, reinsurance and risk insurance specialists, occupational safety inspector for oil and gas, public relations writer, tourist reservation clerk, tour guide, ticket clerk, shipping services clerk, flight operations inspectors, car rental clerks, transport supervisors, freight risk insurance, real estate insurance, auto insurance, factories insurance and customs clearance brokers, salesmen in commercial complexes, sale of vegetable and fruits, grocers, sweet sellers, drivers of refrigerated trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, water trucks, gas trucks, scrap trucks and drivers of all vehicles.

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