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Risk it to ride or cut out!

The land has been dry for long; it feels like just waiting to explode! Trees want their blossoms to burst and the grass wants to grow with lush green colour. All plants are trying hard to push through the dry dirt. The image of a dry and thirsty land symbolises those who sincerely longing and appealing for a blessing from God. Just as the rain comes, refreshes, washes, and makes the ground fruitful, this blessing brings the same qualities into humans’ life.

What do you personally think about when you see rain falling from the sky? Do you think about God’s gracious granted to the world? Do you feel really refreshed and spiritually empowered? Have you ever thought of rain as a symbol of the love of God to His creatures? When was the last time that you thanked God for you being blessed with rain? Like all other blessings, rain should be valued and thank God, in return, for such a blessing.

Rain usually signifies freshness, happiness, hope and love. It falls to refresh people and land alike; it recovers cheerfulness in the dull spirit of people and brings life to the land that is dry as a bone. Whether it rains cats and dogs or just drizzles; people get thrilled by rain. It energises their spirit and fuels their emotions. When it rains, they spring up like grass in a green field and learn to grow again.

People overwhelmingly cheer when it rains as it is regarded a perfect moment to release the pain of sadness, despair and life stress. It is time for relief and purification for many, to tell the truth! Others consider it a chance to make their wish and ask for more blessings, prosperity and success in life. In fact, as the sky pours its water, it marks one of the best times to get your prayers answered by the Almighty Allah. Thus, one has to grab this opportunity and make a wish as it rains.

Rain has been used, in literature, to give a higher level of perception into one’s emotional feelings. It is also used to symbolise a new life or renewal and rain comes within everyone’s realm of experience. The Almighty Allah has several intentions for releasing rain upon earth, some of which include empowerment, refreshment, restoration and a refresh of human’s souls.

At other times, rain is used to punish as in the historical narrative of Prophet Noah when his subjects were drowned in the sea for not believing in him as a messenger of Allah. Instead they were making fun of the Prophet for building a huge ship and sailing it on land. Hence, they were punished by being left behind to drown in the flood, produced by heavy rainfall. Here comes the danger of rain and its flood, causing damages and tragedies to people, which shouldn’t be always regarded a form of punishment. Rather, it happens as a coincidence or due to people’s carelessness.

In this context, the flood of rain could turn a blessing into a tragedy as some people might drown in an overflow of rain. A recent example of such scenarios is what happened in the last week’s diverse weather condition and heavy rainfall. The number of drowned cases was very high with almost daily incidents reported. Seriously, the number of children-related fatal drowning incidents were the most and taking place everyday unfortunately.

Despite the frequent warnings and instructions communicated by Royal Oman Police to have extra caution during rain and when visiting wadis, floods and waterflows. Carelessly, some people of different age groups are even swimming on strongly flowing floods. Some less-watchful parents also lost their children while swimming in rainwater pools or on a sight watching wadis and floods. What a pity indeed to experience such tragic incidents every time it rains.

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