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Time to clear storage


My phone keeps reminding me that the storage is full and asks me do you want to manage it now or buy more space?

My e-mail does the same — it notifies me that I have reached 99 per cent storage and it is crucial that I buy space as it needs storage to work by sending and receiving mail.

Then, of course, the social media platforms behave strangely until it dawns on me — ‘Aha the storage’.

I am sure here too there are the studious ones who will regularly clean their storage and so naturally they do not have to be stuck and frozen when it is most crucial.

I remember during our childhood days my grandfather was annoyed when my brother and his friend who also happens to be the neighbour chose the landline to speak each other just to catch up. Run to the wall and speak face to face he had said. My brother was only too happy. And now here we are we text to the person in the next room but we can watch together a film on YouTube even if we are in two countries.

Do you have your wardrobe overflowing with clothes? Not to prove that one possesses so many clothes but rather to understand how we want to hold onto memories through clothes.

This is slightly different from hoarders I suppose. In the before mentioned category of people there is a strong element of sentiments. But the wardrobe is not ‘smart’ enough to remind me space is full — “Time to clear the unused clothes.”

Glad it is not smart enough to nag me.

Cleaning cannot be seasonal — spring cleaning sounds good but now you know very well our consumerism is getting better of us and we produce more garbage than any other generation. Whatever previous generations used to buy would last a life time. They did not buy it otherwise. Today’s products are sold often with six months to one year warranty. The houses they built still stand today where as houses that are built in recent years need renovation within 40 years.

You buy a mobile phone and by the time one learns to operate it completely another model pops us leaking its new features and by the time it is launched most people are convinced they cannot exist without the new model of phone. And the makers too race with time bring out newer concepts.

People are worried about what they are going to miss out on the world happenings if their mobile phone has to be switched off for a while. I have had friends and acquaintances request me to change one of my phones that could easily be 9 to 10 year old. I can still talk on it, I argue back. One of the apps tells me to update the app and any attempt would tell me — ‘no storage’. The end result cannot see some of the reactions on the App — they are the emoticons that are becoming more and more sophisticated.

So what Stops us from letting go?

It gets interesting farther when my friend sitting across the table sipping coffee asked me, “Did you hear the latest about the brain and memory? It seems brain does not regenerate as we age it’s probably to do with overload.”

Need more space?

We have got to do the spring cleaning even for our brain. Why on earth do we have to carry painful memories?

In between the short term and long term memories there is so much we need.

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