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Dhofar vows spectacular khareef with new logo


SALALAH: The Dhofar Municipality has a clear plan for the promotional identity for this season and will seek to offer an exceptional experience to tourists which allows them to enjoy nature, weather, shopping and attend a variety of events such as adventure tourism and cultural tourism.

This was stated by Dr Ahmed bin Mohsin al Ghassani, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality and head of the main committee for khareef season 2022, during a press conference, to announce the details of the khareef season which will take place in Dhofar Governorate from July 15 to August 31.

The press conference began by disclosing the identity of this year’s event with the slogan 'khareef Dhofar' selected as the title for the promotional campaign which will focus on providing an integrated experience to tourists, benefiting from the unique tourism potentials of Dhofar Governorate as well as providing more options for tourists and visitors.

Dr Al Ghassani also unveiled the new logo of the tourism festival, which will be celebrated at a number of locations across the governorate during the season. The festival is being celebrated after a gap of 3 years owing to the pandemic.

The new logo encapsulates the festive, monsoon character of Dhofar Governorate, which is endowed with a delightful, subtropical atmosphere complete with festivity and positive cheer.

Importantly, cultural and entertainment events will be held throughout the governorate, especially at tourist sites and public parks, which have witnessed a large turnout of visitors over the past years, as well as in line with the aspirations of the citizens.

"Innovatively planned, this year’s Dhofar khareef events will offer a variety of diverse experiences for visitors throughout the season," said Dr Al Ghassani.

Key locations include Ittin Square, Awqad Public Park, Heritage Village at Al Hafa, Salalah Public Garden, Shaath, Mughsail, Taqah Public Garden, Wadi Darbat, Salalah Celebration Square and Mirbat Public Garden.

At the Ittin Square, there will be international shows, concerts and comedy plays, while events and activities are also planned at Salalah Restaurant (Hawana Resort) and the Oman Automobile Association.

Competitions planned during the season include Dhofar Khareef Variety Shooting Competition and Dhofar Khareef Camel Competition.

Dhofar khareef is the perfect setting which combines great weather, stunning landscapes, and multiple options to suit everyone. As a national event, it brings together large numbers of public institutions, local communities, commercial entities and private individuals in contributing responsibly and cooperatively in the delivery of an enjoyable festival.

Awqad Public Park will feature many sections for marketing Omani brands, light games and reviews, illuminated trees, a haunted hotel, a maze game, a children's open cinema section and various restaurants and cafes.

Many events involving a number of communities are organised to provide experiences from people's kitchens, where the culture of people can be identified through food, and popular food from those countries. There will also be a number of live cooking shows from different countries with international chefs in attendance.

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