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Disclose privacy, become a celebrity

Are you interested to catch hundreds of thousands of followers and fans? How creative are you to share mesmerising visuals and inspiring content that could captivate and charm the eyes of your followers? All you need to do is have these on your social media platforms to make your posts as fascinating as possible most of the time. Having useful content does not become a priority sometimes as you build your followers’ database. It all depends on the tools and ways to attract your audience; it could be done either ways, the easy or hard one.

The call is yours to take the path you like! You no longer need to be a well-known person to be a celebrity. Rather, sometimes breaking the rules and disclosing your personal privacy paves the way for you to join the world of celebrities. As becoming a social media celebrity is a big demand nowadays for many, it is becoming much easier than it used to be in olden days! One has to go for the content that attracts the public the most. Breaking your personal life privacy on your posts shortcuts the way for you to attract thousands of followers.

Unfortunately, it is as simple as that! Such approach is working well for many of the so-called social media influencers. If truth to be told, this is becoming a trend and a way of life and making business even for some. Sacrificing the privacy of their life and the life of others like spouse, kids and family is no longer an issue to them! They, perhaps, regard it as part of being an open-minded person or family who doesn’t mind publicising their lifestyle and introducing family members on their posts and broadcasts.

On the other hand, some social media celebrities are being used as brand ambassadors for corporates or products. They have been appointed to promote brands, products and services too, making the most of their fans and followers’ database. Eventually, they are making a living and business out of this. Regardless of their credibility status and accountability, all that matters is completing the mission and delivering the message to public or target audience.

Unfortunately, in many cases their words are taken for granted, while it should not always be. With all respect to those serious and honest social media influencers, others are sometimes misleading audience or even deceiving them with their inappropriate or inaccurate messages or dishonest opinions and views. Displeasingly, it is becoming a business-oriented attitudes and behaviours by which they make money and become a celebrity.

In a different note, probably some of those influencers are having no sense of nationality in a way they don’t give back to the nation. They are only materialistic humans who get reluctant when called to promote the country or support a national project or a corporate initiative. Not all of course, but some are money-driven and social media hitmen. In addition to their business-making approach, they shall be more responsible towards giving back to community and nation alike.

Once you get your footsteps on the way, then you can discover this new experience, get viral and become a celebrity. Just be among the most famous influencers, models or even Hollywood’s next stars! Featuring your life, playing to choose your style, picking the hottest social media trend, interacting with friends and breaking privacy and even entertaining all the drama that happens around is all that makes one a celebrity nowadays.

I just wonder how those fake celebrities dare to do this to themselves, their families and public too; such irresponsible social media influencers indeed. One has to decide on what kind of a celebrity s/he wants to be. Just make your mind and watch out when dealing with materialistic social media celebrities!

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