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Keep your children engaged by allowing them to do chores


By Ruqaya

Children are instinctively eager to experience everything in their surroundings. The things that are common sense to adults are fertile and attractive materials for youngsters to explore because they are ignorant of that experience and have not yet satisfied their curiosity.

“As someone said: “Every child is born a scientist”, because they explore, research and question by trying things, breaking them down and putting their senses on them, and we just need to enrich their curiosity in various ways,” Jawaher Al-Tamimi, who is a mother rediscovers the world through the eyes of her two children, and she is interested in involving her children in home activities (Insta account:

Jawaher confirmed that household activities should not be limited to the summer period because it represents an effective tool for the child to experience his senses and satisfy his curiosity about how things work, differentiate between them, solve some visual and motor problems and strengthen the various muscles of the body.

“To achieve amazing results, the child needs a long-term learning journey,” she added.

One of the easy-to-do home activities, according to the mother Amira Al-Yarubi, who seeks to have an enjoyable motherhood journey with her children, is taking care of plants.

“Allow your kids to take care of the indoor plants, they can learn how to water properly, and how to place the plants in good light so they can grow well. Children are naturally drawn to playing with water and sand, so use that desire to take care of the backyard; You can get them the planting essentials and let them create their own mini garden in the backyard,” she said.

“Gardening is one of the wonderful activities that help children to know everything related to agriculture and its importance in our lives and make it different for them since childhood. The child can also contribute to trimming trees and cleaning gardens,” she added (Insta account: amira_alyarubi).

Parents, as well, can enjoy playing family games with their kids. “This has a lot of benefits, you kids can learn different skills like sharing, taking turns patience and teamwork. Summertime can be a good time to introduce traditional family games as well like Monopoly, Chess and Uno,” Amira noted.

Family Talent show is another great idea.

“Design a poster to invite family members to take part in this show. Family members can choose to showcase anything that they are good at and proud of,” Amira mentioned.

Searching for information is an option.

“Allow your kids to use Google or books to search for answers to all the questions they ask throughout the day. You can also pick a topic and let them search for more details about it,” Amira shared.

Children, as well, can involve a home workout.

“Talk to your child about the benefits of physical activity and spare some time to exercise with them. Keep it fun, ask your child which activities they like and enjoy the most. Mix it up from day to day,” Amira said.

Deep Cleaning can be a joyful activity for children.

“Let you kids take part in home deep cleaning. The summer holiday is a very good time to deep clean stores, drawers, back yard .. etc. This can help kids value clean up and keep the house tidy,” Amira referred.

Children would love to have Virtual Travelling.

“Allow your kids to choose a destination. Let them gather information about it, then head to YouTube or any other Virtual reality apps and travel with your kids. Virtual field trips can have some benefits for kids like learning about history, discovering science and checking outer space,” Amira explained.

Letting the children be Little Chef is an exciting idea.

“Allow your kids to help in cooking meals. Let them serve the meal and learn some life skills. Cooking with family can also develop happy and adventurous eaters with plenty of happy memories,” Amira shared.

Practising arts with family gives the experience a different pleasure. “Schedule some art sessions for the family. Art can encourage quality time with family members and stimulate creativity and imagination,” Amira said.

Jawaher Al-Tamimi stressed that parents should take into account that devoting time to doing home activities for the child at an early stage of his life represents a great investment in his mental and physical structure, which will help him later to learn many sciences and skills more easily than his peers who did not practice similar activities.

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