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To keep yourself safe, take the annual booster

By now, everyone already has a good understanding that the original recipe of vaccination held up quite well against Covid-19 in the last months.

Unfortunately though, as we also learned, the virus also fights against these developments and also has changed drastically and even more so maybe in the coming winter. We can definitely expect that whatever these alterations are, vaccines will definitely be fitted to ensure their effectiveness.

Interestingly, my question here is whether the next round of picks will still contain the original version of the virus as well or new formula by adding any part of Omicron for instance would protect people better than another dose of the original vaccine prescription, whose protective power wears off for months.

However, as all of us observed during the last period of this pandemic, that the protective power of corona shots will depend largely on how far they reach: I mean more people who get them as recommended, the better they will work! Hence, the health institutions and community should understand also this critical point. As such the community may need another round-up of shots may be ahead of the coming winter, for instance, understanding that it won’t just be a sequel to the last year and a half injections, but It will be an opportunity for a true cultural reminding the catastrophic sequel what we faced two years back with many families who lost their beloved!

However, injecting the bodies of vaccinated people with particles of Omicron strain should expand their defences, even if the replacement is not exactly the same as the version of the virus. As we should after all need to understand that the virus has changed and now the vaccines also need to be changed or if I can say need to be updated!

Of course, a lot of people are just anxious to keep their loved ones safe and they want to hear that this can be achieved with a booster vaccine, so don’t let say, Corona affect the survival of your family reunion and ask if your children on the max of boosters? Everyone should realise the importance of the vaccine and the booster vaccine. On other hand, I could name it as an annual vaccine if that irritated some, looking to its benefit in long run.

In the end, those talks about the booster and preparing taking it with such information about it, besides adding particle of a variant to the original vaccine and its importance, have to get off the ground now or you risk not getting off at all.

Dr Yousuf Ali al Mulla is a physician, medical innovator and writer.

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