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Have we learned our lesson?

A new independent body loosely linked to the UN could be created to investing in income-generating activities that mitigate the impact of the pandemic and improved to avoid adverse pandemic related economic effects

What we have been through in the past three years used to face our ancestors over centuries.

No generation of humanity before us were this connected and witnessing together at the same time a global pandemic along with conflicts, and financial crises wreaking havoc across the globe.

This could be our greatest blessing in disguise and a golden opportunity to build back the world a better place for ourselves and future generations. There could be three great lessons for humanity; one for our health, a second for our resources and a last but not least for our safety and security.

We are bound to reap the mistakes of the past, unless we truly learn our lessons from them.

To this day, instead of focusing on an objective way to learn the lessons about the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries, especially the world superpowers, were busy trading accusations.

For two years, cover-up accusations, mainly towards China, were floating in global media instead of well-meaning efforts led by the United Nations to make sure we can mitigate humanity’s exposure to another devastating pandemic.

If there was one lesson that we could deduce from this is that the United Nations should set up an independent rapid task force team that does not play politics when it comes to our most valuable asset — health.

The sole purpose of this task force is to identify and share with the world the most trusted status of potential threats to our health. Failure to work together towards such a purpose means that we are bound to repeat similar Covid-19 situations.

The second valuable lesson that humanity can learn from this post-Covid-19 era is that we are in this together, especially in terms of resources.

Economic hardships and poverty caused directly and indirectly from Covid related conditions, deaths and official closures created disparity between communities that have and communities that do not have.

It is absolutely the duty of the communities that have been blessed with better resources to share their resources with less fortunate communities.

As we have witnessed over the past three years, our failure to see this big picture resulted in more intense migrations. Hence there were more brain drain and poverty cycles.

Here, to avoid this the suction could be at the hands of the UN’s global investment related bodies. A new independent body loosely linked to the UN could be created and dedicated to investing in income-generating activities that mitigate the impact of this pandemic and could be improved to avoid adverse pandemic related economic effects in the future.

Last but not least, while we as human beings did everything in our power to hold on to our precious lives indoors for more than two years, we are now watching countless lives being wasted in vicious conflict cycles.

Wars, near and far, should not be our legacy as the most learned and connected generations the world has ever seen. Therefore, we should put mechanisms that contain current conflicts so that they do not spell over for the rest of this decade or even century.

This is because conflicts lead to more panic and fighting over resources at times where the world is already coping with the effects of other health and financial crises.

Whether the world applies similar aforementioned lessons or not will be felt around the world soon. I pray that we do leave a legacy where we are remembered as the generation that did not pass on lessons learned from the pandemic.

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