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Oman represented at CAB intl Symposium for Formative Arts


Omani artist Musa Omar is heading out to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to participate in the “Cairo Amman Bank International Symposium for Formative Arts” happening on June 27 to July 6.

Organised by the Cairo Amman International Bank and under the supervision of artist Mohamed Al-Jalous, 26 artists from across different Arabian and European countries were invited. Through their participation, the artists will represent works that reflect their diverse artistic experiences that employ different technical presentation, unique style and board ideas.

The symposium aims to deepen communication between artists and share their experiences and visions in various directions in order to raise the fine art in all its trends and issues.

Musa Omar is one of the prominent artists in the arena of Omani Fine art, and one of the Omani artists who presented Omani art to the world through his numerous artistic participations around the world for more than thirty years. He is unique in the content he showcases or in terms of technology he employs in his art.

Musa Omar has held fifteen personal exhibitions in the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and Germany, the latest of which is his personal exhibition "Songs of the Sun", which was opened at Stal Art Gallery in Muscat in August 2018. He also exhibited his works in many joint exhibitions in the Arab Gulf countries and the world and held various exhibitions in a number of European countries, in addition to the United States of America, Mexico, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Algeria, Morocco, Taiwan, Lebanon, Australia, South Korea, Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Syria, Bangladesh and China.

Musa also participated in many artistic workshops, and he is a member of the Unesco International Federation of Arts, the Omani Society for Fine Arts, and the Youth Studio. Musa Omar received many prizes from the Sultanate of Oman, Egypt, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

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