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Launching a scent with a hint of royalty


He cherished his time creating some of the most unique fragrances fit for a royal — and in the case of Oman, no other than the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has become his patron.

While what scents he developed for the Royalty of Oman remains to be confidential, perfume master Roja Dove said that he put the same level of care and finesse into everything he does even the perfumes that go to the market sharing all of them go through his meticulous eyes and sense of smell.

Back in Oman to launch his newest creation held at the beautiful Beach Pavillion of the Ritz Carlton Al Bustan Palace, he gathered some of his media friends, partners and very select guests for an intimate soiree to give them the first look of Apex.

"It is an enormous joy — it is always a joy when I come to Oman," he said. "This is a special night for us as Oman is a special country for us. We launched our very first boutique in Oman."

Roja takes pride in having worked with some of the who's-who of Oman. In recent memories, he said that working with the Royal Opera House Muscat for their production of Lakme has been a wonderful experience. He was challenged to create a fragrance that would fit an opera and he took this challenge head-on. On the opening night, the whole auditorium was scented with the perfume that he created and it was something he will never forget.

"My company is a British company, I am proud that I am English. Flying a flag in a market that is generally French is worth celebrating," he said.

Roja said that Oman will always have a special place in his heart and he has done many things in Oman in collaboration with some very unique and talented individuals as well as the most business-savvy entrepreneurs.

Regarding his new creation, Roja explained that the new fragrance is "harnessing the infinite power of nature."

"This scent is called Apex — it's about human beings getting in touch with nature again. I find it fascinating that after years of experience and running many different branches, people are always talking about nature and ecology and awareness about what's happening on the planet," he said.

"Apex connects us to Earth and its spiritual energies, unleashing instincts and abilities that lay dormant within each of us. Only when we embrace our innermost instincts can we reach the Apex of our potential, becoming the best version of ourselves," he shared summarizing what the night was all about.

The key elements used for the perfume are mandarin, pineapple, frankincense, fir balsam and leather. Each of these elements had its unique meaning.

Mandarin is the symbol of abundance and happiness. Radiating positivity, Mandarins remind us of the power of the sun, heightening our sense of perspective and place in the universe. The sun rises every morning with endless possibilities, giving endless opportunities to begin again and embrace a new life.

Throughout history the Pineapple has been a symbol of status, bringing luck and good fortune. The Pineapple's link to wealth gives us the tenacity to go after our goals - to create the life we deserve. By being upfront and authentic with what we want to achieve, we stand in a place of strength and integrity, and our goals will seem more reachable than ever before.

One of the oldest spiritual gifts to humanity, burning Frankincense as part of a sacred ritual has been used for centuries to connect people to a higher power. This ethereal quality is believed to purify our energy - to unite our body with our mind - and centre our focus on achieving feats that can at first seem out-of-this-world.

Fir Balsam is the symbol of honesty, truth and forthrightness, evoked in the way the tree grows straight and direct. A tree reminiscent of permanence and a tall pillar of strength, this ingredient reminds us of the importance of resilience and longevity - encouraging us to rise to the occasion during times of rapid changes embracing opportunities that are in front of us.

Leather grounds us to the earth. Its scent can make us feel powerful and self-assured - with an addictive quality that keeps bringing us back to our primal instincts. When worn, leather can act as a suit of armour, preparing us for battle and bestowing us with the confidence we need to reach our goals.

Other than launching Apex, Roja is planning to come back to Oman soon again.

"We will launch a perfume soon, it is a perfume I used to make the for the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. And that's all I can say for now," he teased.

"It will be launched on the next national day. I have made a series of perfumes for Sultan Qaboos but this one is a specific one that I want people to also enjoy," he shared.

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