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To build a better future, be kinder when you look at your past

Nowadays you may see people think about making big life changes like moving cities and changing careers for instance and even trying to forget the past. However, is it letting go of the past and building a better future that it seems is harder to do.

In fact, you can not changed your past in anyway, but you may change your view of it. In other words, it is looking back at your memories and deciding to be kinder by forgiving yourself and making your past burdens lighter on your shoulder so that you may be able to breeze through the present and the future.

When you reflect on the things that happened, on what you did, does the past still have the power to dictate your emotional state. For a lot of people, this is often the case. Interestingly when you feel fear, you tend to build memories that focus on the sources of threats and remember the past as full of specific things that hurt you more than they would otherwise.

Meanwhile, if you are happy today, your memories are mostly broader and you've learned to widen your mind to better understand your actions in the past. When you look at the past either with fear or sense of happiness or respect, it all boils down to your perspective and your current feelings.

This take us to critical learning curve. If you look at the past when broader understanding and reconstruct it so you focus more on the positive, this can help you make better decisions about the future.

In fact, I do ask people to think about happy things from their past to improve their mood. You can even ask to keep a diary of happy memories and review them when you're feeling down.

More than that, if you go back to your relationship and kindness from others, you may not forget these things and your memories will always be towards positivity.

As such, I believe that you need to transform this past from an unwelcome guest into an important landmark. So, if next time you want to make a positive change in your life, don’t limit your imagination to changing the landscape only, but start with your life background, which probably made you anxious!

In the end, consider questioning those painful memories. Don’t let them wander by themselves. Instead, think about the lessons you’ve learned about yourself and whether to go or stay, you’ve already been able to consciously manage your past... Your Memories!

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