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Dhofar roads upgraded in advance of khareef holiday influx

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SALALAH: In anticipation of the arrival of tens of thousands of tourists and visitors this upcoming khareef season, the Directorate General of Roads and Land Transport in Dhofar Governorate is carrying out governorate-wide improvements to road infrastructure to ensure smooth traffic flows during the popular summer holiday.

Speaking to the Observer, Eng Said Tabook, Director General, added that various contractors are busy rehabilitating roads that suffered damage during recent natural cyclones and disasters that swept through the area.

Additionally, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology (MoTCIT) is ensuring that existing and new road projects are designed and built in accordance with approved standards and specifications with the goal of easing traffic congestion and accidents.

According to the official, several key carriageways have been identified for particular attention in advance of the khareef holiday. These roads, which typically attract huge numbers of visitors, include the Hareet checkpoint leading into Salalah. In addition to installation of signboards and informative displays, all of the important roadways have been freshly painted, lanes clearly demarcated, and safety signs set in place.

Elsewhere in the governorate, roads are been rehabilitated where necessary, and sand depositing on the key Haima- Thamrait highway cleared regularly as well. Repairs to the Mirbat – Hasik – Al Shuwaymiyah carriageway, which was impacted by adverse weather in 2020, are under way as well.

Importantly, given the importance of the network of mountain roads leading to tourist attractions in the jabals, the Ministry is implementing a five-year (2021- 2026) plan for the regular maintenance of asphalted and graded roads in the governorate.

On the key Raysut Al Maghsayl carriageway, major box culverts are being construction to allow for storm water to be safely channelled into the sea at Wadi Adoneeb. A tender for similar work at Wadi Afoul will be shortly floated, according to the Ministry. Slope stabilisation works are also ongoing along the Arjoot – Sarfait road.

In one of the biggest initiatives to date, the Ministry plans to float tenders for the construction of roadside paving, covering a total distance of 165 kilometres, along networks linking the city centre with Salalah’s neighbourhoods.

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