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Adventure lovers, it’s time to explore the beauty of Sa’al Cave


The eastern Hajar Mountains in Oman hide countless extraordinary natural treasures including valleys and cliffs that attract adventure enthusiasts. Included in these treasures are mountain trails that are considered perfect spots for hiking trips.

One activity that is yet to fully become popular in Oman is caving. These natural treasures are an important part of the country and sometimes, these caves have their own ecosystems that make them educational places to explore.

Caves in Oman had been formed many hundreds of years ago and a lot of them had been shrouded in mystery. These caves had become fertile source of many legends and strange stories. Some caves even became home to some Omani tribes and it was only in the last 50 years that these caves were abandoned.

The use of these caves as shelter goes back to even the Bronze or earlier eras. Caves have become an important source of discovery as many ancient writings were found on their walls serving as historical documents changing the impression and understanding of how old societies work.

Caves in the Sultanate of Oman are distinguished by their varying types, lengths, sizes and geographical formations. This necessitates the government to exploit this aspect in promoting the tourism sector, which is one of the important sectors in enriching the Omani economy because this phenomenon is unique in the region and needs a wealth of studies and scientific research.

With a panoramic view of Oman’s wide sky, the cave located in Sa’al is one of the caves close to Muscat that you should not miss. Carved from limestone but generations of erosion, it’s a beautiful escape that has become a destination for adventure lovers in Oman.

Sa’al Cave is astonishing for the marvellously shaped and coloured rock formations found in it as well as the wonderful panoramic scene up the cave.

Before exploring the cave, the view from the mountain surrounding the village of Sa’al is on its own, already an attraction highlighting the immense natural wonder gifted to this place. From the top, the breeze not only cools you down, but the view also can be a source of peace and happiness.

While Sa’al is not as imposing or intimidating as the Tahiri or the Seventh Hole Cave system in Salma Plateau in Qurayat, it has its own unique beauty and charm that can amaze adventure lovers.

Being close to Muscat, many people see it as a perfect spot for hiking, mountain descent and other amazing nature adventures.

The Cave Trail is considered an easy mountain trail that is suitable for beginners, according to Discover Oman. Many of the cave visitors said that they were surprised by what they have seen and that the experience was extraordinary. Yet, they mentioned some challenges they faced during the trips including lack of services, and the rocks in the area are somehow slippery that is why visitors need to be prepared and wear proper shoes.

With the summer heat a very challenging part to contend with when doing outdoor adventure, fun activities like caving definitely provided diversity to what one can do. Many adventure groups have already mapped out the different routes in how to enjoy these caves. If you’re looking for a fun new activity to do, try out caving and if you haven’t been to Sa’al yet, then this is definitely your call to venture out into its waiting embrace.

As usual, be always on alert and keep your safety first. Only trust groups with prior experience and do not do it alone.

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