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Don’t lose sight of eye care in summer

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The human eye is one of the most vulnerable body parts that need proper care all the time. However, summer is when eyes need more care due to the scorching heat, sunlight and heatwave associated with them. Combined, they pose a significant risk of affecting the eyes adversely and beyond redemption, in some cases.

The intensity of ultraviolet rays is extremely high during the summer. It can increase the risk of cataracts and retinal damage and cause many other eye-related issues if proper care is not taken during the season.

Dr Mukund R Nayak, a Senior Ophthalmologist, calls for essential care to avoid common eye problems during summer. Eye allergy (allergic conjunctivitis), dryness of the eye, eye fatigue, irritation, frequent redness etc., are very common during the season, while children are prone to getting allergic conjunctivitis in which both eyes usually become red, itchy and sometimes associated with white discharge. “Children usually rub their eyes, which makes the redness worse. Allergy is more common if the child is exposed to the dust in summer.”

Another common eye condition during summer, according to Dr Nayak, is dry eye syndrome, an eye disease in which tear film evaporation is high due to increased external temperature. The patient’s eyes dry out and become inflamed.

Eyes have a tendency to produce tears all the time, not just when people cry or experience a sudden rush of emotion. Healthy eyes are covered with fluid all the time, which is designed to remain stable between each blink. A stable tear film prevents the eye from becoming dry and keeps the eyes clear and with comfortable vision.

Common symptoms of dry eye syndrome are: A stinging sensation in the eyes, burning and gritty sensation, feeling dryness in the eyes, watering, discomfort when wearing contact lenses, blurring of vision etc.

The treatment for dryness includes wearing good quality sunglasses, reducing sun exposure and consulting an ophthalmologist who will prescribe artificial tears after properly examining the patient.

“Another important effect of prolonged sun exposure is the formation of cataracts earlier than the normal. The incidence of cataracts is high in people who are exposed to sunlight for a long time. Hence, cataract is seen at an early stage in tropical countries.

The chances of Macular Degeneration (Macula is an important place in the retina of the eye where an image is being formed) are also high in people who work outdoor. This is a gradual process taking many years of exposure to sunlight to develop. In this case, central vision is gradually affected.

Dr Nayak calls for eye precautions during the summer. “It is essential to use sunglasses to prevent the majority of the conditions. Sunglasses prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the eye, and hence the eyes remain healthy for a long time. Especially in a country like the Sultanate of Oman, where temperatures rise to 50 degrees in summer, wearing sunglasses is essential.”

He suggests frequent washing of the eyes with clean water at least 3-4 times a day. Water removes all the dust particles and allergens from the eye, and most of eye symptoms can be reduced.


Dr Nayak advises not to take any chance with the eyes. “There are no special home tips to keep the eyes cool during summer. Frequent washing of the eyes is the best method. Some people use tea bags to cool the eyes, which is not at all a good practice.”

There is no need to use any kind of soothing eye drops unless the doctor advises. It is not only a waste of money but also unnecessary. He says that a normal person will have enough tears in his eyes, which keep the eyes healthy and moisturised.


If any symptoms of eye problem persist despite taking usual precautions, consultation with an ophthalmologist is necessary.

It is advisable not to use any eye drops that are available at home or without a doctor’s prescription. Some medicines contain steroids, which are harmful to the eyes if used for a long time.

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