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Getting mesmerised by the Thousand Nights Camp of Sharqiyah

While summer is definitely not an ideal time to visit the desert, it is interesting to note that some of the desert camps are still in operation.

As a general manager of one of the desert resorts explained in an interview, while noon can be challenging heat-wise, the early morning hours and the late afternoons are actually perfect for doing some desert activities ranging from sunset or sunrise viewing to dunes bashing, even dune boarding and camel rides.

It is also interesting to note that many of the desert camps in Bidiya started offering other indoor activities.

Taken before the peak of summer, I had the opportunity to check out the Thousand Nights Camp deep in the heart of Rimal al Sharqiya. There were a lot of things notable about this camp primarily, that they had been in operation for over more than half a decade and that they have some of the most Instagram-worthy locations.

The first thing you would love about this property is the oryx camp located within the resort itself. This offers you an opportunity to interact and be acquainted with these majestic creatures that have become synonymous not just with the desert, but also with Oman itself.

The resort also offers a nice restaurant, perhaps one of the best, in a desert setting offering a great combination of intercontinental as well as Omani and Arabic favourites. They have a majlis area that evokes that true Arabian feel but for those who would like proper dining, they have sitting areas where you can enjoy your dinner with the customary table setting.

A few steps from the restaurant is a swimming pool that can be accessed in two different ways one of which is through a wooden ship that also serves as a bar. The other entrance takes you on stairs directly to the pool where the shade of some of the desert trees makes it even more inviting during the summer.

Around this swimming pool, you will find huge camel skeletons on the ground, a floating door, and some of the most eclectic decorations that make up for a good photograph.

There are numerous rooms to choose from that came equipped with different amenities. Water is running fine and there is ample lighting for the evenings and the air conditioning is of course working giving the comfort you would want to have while in this part of Oman.

The Thousand Nights Camp is also surrounded by several dunes and from the top during sunrise or sunset, they offer a sweeping view of Rimal al Sharqiya.

The camp offers different desert adventures including camel rides with their fascinating Bedu guides and even ATVs that allow you to roam around the different challenging peaks of the surrounding desert area.

The whole camp is quite massive and the collection of trees in different areas makes it homey even in a strange, hot environment.

At night, during winter, they have a sitting area around a bonfire where you can enjoy not just the company of stars, but also some traditional music.

If you’re looking for a camp to check out whether during winter or in summer, Thousand Nights is definitely worth checking out.

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