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Digital world knows no boundaries

We were told the world is shrinking when the satellite television began to entertain global audience.

Gone were the controlled media with the aid to think for the public. Now emotions run astray as social bloggers react and respond on various issues. An observation on an emotional turmoil that people go through with one person’s comment can be experienced by anyone in the social media.

Hurting sentiments of communities unearth the past and even the calmest of people churn out hurtful words.

Being responsible is not just the duty of organisations, but each individual. When we create so much of chaos within families because of lack of communication or not respecting each other, why are we not taking time to fathom the impact of words of hatred can cause to others especially when individuals are from different backgrounds and orientations.

Being politically correct might sound like being artificial but it can maintain a decorum. If opinions matter then it would be nice to reflect on the impact of the words before they are expressed simply because a peaceful society is the ideal one to live in. Having a social media tool or a microphone does not mean anything can be said, because the intention to use the platforms ought to be for the benefit of the society and people living in it, at least in the ideal world.

This must be an interesting period for anthropologists, Psychologists and psychiatrists with the outpouring of such large level of emotions. Conflicts are inevitable but how we respond makes a difference and in the near future one would hope we could use the social media for better understanding and not to provoke negative thoughts and emotions. May the world heal and look for causes that bring the world together.

There is so much suffering that goes on at humanitarian level at the same time there are individuals who make a difference towards humanity, but for some reason negative news tend to feed our attention. What we also have to remember that just few decades ago there were not many options to express one’s opinion.

There were too many factors that determined — how we walked, talked and behaved.

In the past, elders in the family would remind an individual from a very young age that he/she is representing the family in everything they do in speech and in action. And then came the millennium with new attitude and principles and so here we are — in the midst of opinions and conflicts.

But then again there are advantages to every situation and a wise friend said, “Problems come to be resolved.”

What it requires meanwhile is a whole lot of patience, tolerance and forgiveness.

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