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Drugs harm environment and humans alike

Does one’s life worth being lost in a moment of worthless desires and joy. In fact, man’s life is far precious than being sacrificed for things of no value at all that might take one’s breath. Life is lived only once; every breath received over a lifespan should be well-invested and carefully inhaled. Once you inhale air, you cannot guarantee your ability to exhale it out later as it could be your last breath in life.

Life could come to an end any moment; it is all just a matter of how serious one is about managing life and making it more fruitful. There is no doubt that nobody likes to have a tough time or experience a hard life. Everyone longs for a happy, prosperous and successful life. Hence, all have to stay away from the things that spoil your good moments and fun time. Also, one has to always live the moment and enjoy it as much as possible.

If it is your call, you have to make it or break it; the right choice is always yours! However, as today’s life is influenced by many changes, lot of people are getting trapped in extremely bad things that turn their lives into psychological, social and monetary war and misery. They become victims of their own selfish desires, slip-ups and neglect of life values.

Unfortunately, one of the most common issues that are badly affecting the lives of youth are drugs and tobacco. These psychotropic substances are widely spread these days and could easily be within reach. Many have given up their lives for being addicted to drugs. To them, it is a relief for stress, though drugs are the reason behind their failure and disappointment; drugs made some strongly believe so!

To tell the truth, addiction to drugs and tobacco is becoming a real threat to youth, families and society. Such poisons have brought cracks in the society as many parents have lost their sons; couples have got divorced and families got separated because of serious drugs crisis. The number of drug addicts is increasing every year. However, tremendous efforts and attempts have been made worldwide to combat the spread and use of drugs and tobacco.

According to World Health Organization, tobacco, for instance, kills over 8 million people annually and destroys environment and harms human health, through the cultivation, production, distribution, consumption, and post-consumer waste. Also, 84,000,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions released into air raising the global temperatures. Further, around 600,000,000 trees are chopped down for making cigarettes.

On the local front, many public and private entities, including National Committee for Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances and other authorities concerned in the Sultanate of Oman are sparing no effort to combat drugs and promote awareness on the short-term and long-term harmful impacts of drugs and tobacco. Tremendous efforts have been made to combat drugs, treat those who get addicted and provide relevant health services to them.

All activities and initiatives have been offered in collective cooperation between all parties concerned including ROP, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Health and others. Special state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, social, psychological and awareness programmes, comfortable homes, dedicated clinics and devoted counsellors and consultants are offered for the addicts who undergo treatment or those interested to start giving up drugs forever.

In a bid to combat the spread of drugs and tobacco in society, forces of government, individuals as well as public associations shall be joint together to fight this issue and support addicts get treated. Otherwise, drugs will violently attack youth, as victims, who mark the backbone of nations and future heroes. Public associations, sports clubs, mosques and youth camps shall start comprehensive ongoing awareness campaigns. All these institutes definitely play a vital role towards youth guidance and inspiration.

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