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Students' celebrations: MOHE to take action

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The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation issued a statement about a celebration ceremony held in one of its affiliated institutions.

"Following the principles of the Sharia, Omani values, customs, and norms, the Ministry will prevent any such criminal abuses and has issued a number of circulars that emphasized the importance of the commitment of all higher education institutions to the Omani religious values, culture, customs, and customs."

The Ministry contacted the institution that has committed the violation for further clarification and felt the need to conduct an urgent investigation on the matter by the competent authorities for legal measures.

Emphasizing the importance of the institution's keenness not to repeat any similar abuses, the ministry will take the necessary action to prevent such irresponsible infringements of the regulations and legislation in force in the Sultanate of Oman.

Meanwhile, the institution in question said that it organizes hundreds of events, cultural, scientific, religious, sports, and promotional activities for its students, which aim to refine their talents, knowledge, and perceptions. The college handles student activities with great interest so that it will have a positive impact on their career and their personalities.

"While we realize that some of the scenes that appeared on social media are not appropriate or in line with the values of the Omani society, we make it clear that some of our student activities are organized by the students themselves, including an annual international day to learn about cultures and the civilizations of their countries. Due to the organizational nature of some of these events attract visitors from outside the college community."

The college will take the necessary measures to avoid such irresponsible behavior, whether by members of the college community or the visitors attending any of the student events.

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