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Wooing travellers to ‘Beautiful Oman’

“My focus is on cultural trips where personal encounters with the locals play a special role. I want to take people on an adventurous journey and show them the true beauty of the country” -- Sabine Reining, a blogger & photographer

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A German blogger and photographer who has visited the Sultanate of Oman innumerable times and continues to do so is amazed at its sheer beauty. Oman for Sabine Reining ( @midnightoman )has become second home and a place which lies close to her heart.

Through her blogs and photographs, she has made painstaking efforts to make Oman an amazing travel destination which she claims as her ‘biggest passion.’ Her love for Oman is so sincere that she has come out with short travel videos on YouTube with different themes.

Sabine has photographed the country widely and has shot videos for others to watch. Titled ‘Beautiful Oman’, these videos offer spectacular drone views of camel racing, forts, fisheries, khareef and the beehive tombs.

“I want visitors to benefit from my experiences and to connect with the local people during their trips. Meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds helps understand one another and overcome any prejudices. My focus is on the cultural side where personal encounters with the locals play a special role. I want to take people on an adventurous journey and show them the true beauty of the country,” explains Sabine.

Her adventure story began when she started working as a photographer in 2013 and fell in love with Oman about 9 years ago. Since then, she has travelled the wilayats and interior villages. In 2015 and 2016, she spent a four-month sabbatical, when she travelled over 25,000 kilometres capturing over 15,000 photographs.

She also drove from Muscat to Salalah exploring over 20 spectacular wadis, crossed the desert and the Hajar Mountains, wandered deserted villages and learned a lot about the country and locals. She was here again for the recent Eid al Adha holidays and plans to come back during the winter.

Sabine recollects her favourite photographs of the famous camel racing in Ibra as one of her best. “I like the mood of the early morning, the light, and the proud and friendly faces of Omanis. Camel racing is firmly anchored in the culture and an exciting spectacle for locals and visitors. Camels have served their owners not only as a means of transportation and food source but for entertainment at special celebrations, events and competitions. This almost magical relationship between Omanis and camels can still be felt today,” she explains.

She also adores her favourite pictures of the Bat and Al Ayn beehive tombs, one of Oman’s most famous prehistoric sites, and fishing along the coastal areas.

In 2018, she published her first illustrated book ‘Oman,’ in English and German, containing a selection of her best photographs as well as descriptions of the places and background information.

Her travel blog ‘’, launched in 2015, has grown into one of the biggest travel blogs, with its entire content dedicated to portraying the country. The blog seeks to engage adventurous travellers in planning their own journey, as well as readers interested in the country and its people.

“The blog records my experiences and encounters on my trips; offers first-hand tips for sightseeing, suggested routes, recommendations for restaurants and hotels, as well as insights into the culture and traditions,” says this determined lady from Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt.

Having received huge requests from people asking her to plan their trips to Oman, finally led Sabine towards launching her own travel company in Germany.

“I want to thank everyone I met along the way for always welcoming me with open arms. With my work, I strive to inspire others to embrace this beautiful country,” concludes this hardcore travel enthusiast.

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