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Middle Age: An opportunity to find beauty!


The phenomenon of the mid-life crisis has taken on semi-psychological dimensions during the past years and it may have begun a century ago, when men and women tended to slip into a crisis related to ageing, thinking that time ran out to achieve their goals. So the timing of middle age I think is subjective, even though I am inclined to say that average life is when one is not young but not very old, so that might help and leave a little room for understanding!

These challenges may indeed be exacerbated by a strange and highly personal transformation that begins around your forties, when the skills you honed in early adulthood begin to fade, especially if you don’t focus on the abilities that grow as you age, you may see ageing as a loss and for some individuals, it is a source of suffering.

So, always I do remind everyone to focus on the age that gives you, not the one that robs you. Stagnating to your age can create a crisis and this, unfortunately, happens when you are trying to fight time, whether you are desperately trying not to look older or struggling against changes in your skills and strengths. Thus – if it is true to say – you must realize and accept your age, even recognize your abilities and a new one that develops naturally after the age of forty and become stronger during the fifties and sixties of age.

On the other hand, we are well aware that early in life, success usually comes from the addition: of more responsibility and more relationships, so that means that life in early adulthood is like filling in a blank piece of cloth. As such here when the time comes and I talk about middle age, I talk more deeply about the point at which you must change your method of choice! Especially since it is difficult to do this when you have accepted a lot of responsibilities at work and home, for example. This fact leads us to wonder; Is success worth more? Personally, I think these accounts may be bad. It is more useful here for that individual to change his goal by moving away from the many duties which beyond your capabilities and dedicating more time to thinking, specify exactly those duties and the work that you need to do to re-engineer yourself!

In a way, I see here that life for most people improves from middle age. Over the years, people tend to become happier, more creative, less nervous, more accepting and more mindful. On average, people become mentally stable after the age of thirty. However, in old age and most likely, there will be no complete crisis even if you let nature take its course.

In the end, the search for joy in middle age may seem like carving on solid rock, but are you not with me that middle age is not that particular rock, but rather that beauty that dazzles the eye after it is carved? You will inevitably face difficulties and challenges, just as at any other time in your life. But if you make the right choices, middle-age may be the best opportunity and the biggest adventure you’ve had in decades... and even a chance to find beauty in yourself and those around you!

Dr Yousuf Ali al Mulla is a physician, medical innovator and a writer.

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