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New reduced visa fees from June 1

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Muscat: The new revised fees for renewal and issue of expatriate work permits will come into effect from June 1.

Considering the factor that new work fees will come into effect from June 1, the Ministry of Labour has waived off penalties for delay in the renewal of their work permits, provided that the process is completed before September 1 of this year.

At the same time, the private sector has been urged to take advantage of the situation and stipulates efforts to revitalize the global economy.

A 30 percent discount will be granted to companies that abide by the Omanisation percentage.

"The commercial fees of RO 201-301 have been divided into three categories, and Omanisation percentage will be determined for each of these categories." The ministry said that R0 301 would be levied for senior and supervisory professions (managers, presidents, specialists, and consultants, while a discount of 30 percent (RO 201) will be granted to companies that abide by the Omanisation percentage. For technical and specialist jobs, RO 201 will be levied, while a 30 percent discount (RO 176) will be granted to companies that maintain the Omanisation percentage. In category three, RO 201 will be charged for unskilled jobs companies following the Omanisation percentage will have to pay only RO 141.

In a statement, the Ministry of Labour said that fee reduction would lead to reducing the burdens of commercial activities due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. "It will help expand commercial activities and facilitate investment and provide accurate knowledge of the types of professions and specializations required for the labor market. It will increase the number of generic jobs suitable for job-seekers and provide incentives."

The Oman Chamber of Commerce has said that it will positively affect the country as an attractive destination. Speaking exclusively to the Observer, Redha bin Juma al Saleh, Chairman of OCCI, said that the government is not looking to raise revenues from these fees but it wants more investors to invest and bring business to the country. "This revision of fees will only help businesses here, and it will encourage speeding up the process of providing more jobs to citizens. There have been no changes to the current Omanisation percentage targets as economies grow, it will also generate more jobs for citizens."

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