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First Omani Photographer to Join National Geographic Society

Haitham al Farsi, an Omani photographer has joined the global agency, National Geographic, as their professional lensman among 80 other photographers around the world.

Haitham is a very skilled photographer who started his journey many years ago. His ultimate goal was to feature Oman in way that is unique and never presented before. He is extremely interested in all the subjects, places and cultures that are related to his hometown; thus, he promised to dedicate his talent of photography for the Sultanate of Oman only.

from Musandam to Dhofar, Haitham wondered with his companion camera snapping many astonishing scenes that amazed his social media followers from inside and outside the country. This made him one of a kind and whenever there is a special event, people wait especially for the photos that he takes for it.

His interest in the Sultanate of Oman made the way easy to of his big dreams to join National Geographic Society as the first and only Omani photographer. The society invests in remarkable photographers who are following specific standards named by the concerned committees at National Geographic.

“The story did not start now; it took four years of connection, letters and preparation between me and the officials at National geographic where they asked me to provide several photos to be posted in the society’s official account on Instagram. It is worth noting that National Geographic is more concerned with the overall message of photos rather than the artistic side of them. The winning photos are the ones that carries deep stories and meanings”, he emphasized.

Haitham knew he was accepted when they finally followed his page and posted one of his most recent and popular photos in their account. The photo displays a small group of people who were having iftar in the holy month of Ramadhan. It went viral and it was well received by many people and international photographers.

In light of this and to express his joy at his achievement Haitham said:” I am thrilled to be a contributor at National Geographic Society and I hope to reflect Oman’s rich culture in this international platform in decent and professional means.”

Known to be a photographer with broad cultural interests and a wide circle of friends, Haitham got to visit and see many people and Families in Oman to know more about their unique customs and take photos of them. This opened knew horizons and opportunities to the photographer to work with other global institutions and agencies around the world. Recently he was contacted by the Daily Mail to provide photos for a report about Oman. He is looking forward for this project to be published soon.

As a part of his efforts to show the Sultanate from an eye of a photographer, Haitham is working on a program which he named “Senyar”. On YouTube, he displays cultural and artistic Omani aspects through short films where he also provides some tips of taking photos in terms of the angel taken and other photographing skills.

Such an achievement is a cause of pride not only for Haitham himself but also for the country as a whole and we look forward to seeing more Omani figures on stage achieving what they dreamed of.

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