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Tips: How to manage vehicle fire

Muscat: Royal Oman Police (ROP) has listed reasons for the increased number of vehicle fires during the summer, and some tips to avoid it.

Recently, the Civil Defence and Ambulance Department (CDAA) reported a fuel tanker fire in the Wilayat of Bausher on the Muscat Expressway.

The firefighting teams of CDAA in the North Al Batinah Governorate responded to a vehicle fire accident in the Wilayat of Suhar.

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What to do in case of fire in your vehicle?

Slow down, activate the hazard lights, then park the vehicle away from the road.

Switch off the engine and immediately leave the vehicle.

Call the emergency service: 9999 OR 24343666. Q

Try to put the fire out using the fire extinguisher, without endangering yourself or others.

If the fire increases, move away from the vehicle to a safe place until the fire trucks arrive.

Warn other road users not to come close to the vehicle.

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Summer normally witnesses an increased rate of a vehicle fire, resulting in human and material losses, Vehicle fires can be avoided through a bit of care, proper maintenance, and replacement of worn-out parts with new parts, especially engine parts.

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Reasons for a vehicle fire

Fuel or oil leaks from the tank or pipes. s Increased pressure on the tires due to LP overloading and reduced air pressure.

Ignoring the safety instructions while refuelings, like smoking and the use of the mobile phone.

Fitting counterfeited or below standard parts.

Vehicle maintenance by unqualified individuals.

Increased engine temperature due to a shortage of water in the radiator.

Additional electrical accessories in the vehicle.

Traffic accidents.

Safety procedures

Check your vehicle daily and ensure the safety of its parts prior to starting the engine.

Regularly maintain your vehicle and 4,1/4 replace worn-out parts with new and quality parts.

No smoking while refueling and switch off the engine.

Do not leave any lighter, perfume, or flammable materials in the vehicle.

Do not use counterfeited parts, especially for the engine, radiator, and electrical parts and wires.

Do not leave children unattended in the vehicle.

Ensure having a valid manual fire extinguisher (dry powder) in the vehicle.

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