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Exciting drive tourism in Dhofar

Apart from a great combination of nature, creatures, deserts, mountains, and the sea, the Governorate

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of Dhofar offers a fantastic experience of drive tourism. Road lovers can choose any direction and Dhofar’s charm would keep on drawing their attention forcing them to frequently pause and get downs from their vehicles either to have ‘great clicks’ or to experience the cocktail of nature.

While in Dhofar, the most recommended is to drive from Salalah to Hasik via Mirbat, Sadah, and Hadbeen.

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It is one of the most scenic rides in Oman. The total distance is about 198 km with some of the most gorgeous mountain views and equally incredible pristine seaside views along the coastal road.

Hasik is one of the most beautiful places in the Sultanate of Oman. The highlight is the view of dry mountains on the one side and the clear blue sea on the other. Though the curved roads in the middle need attention, the pleasure of being in Hasik is ultimate.

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There are many potential stopovers like beaches and camping spots away from any kind of pollution. This clarity offers the view of a clear starry night sky between Sadah and Hasik, and since the road is not very busy, it gives even the drivers to enjoy a glimpse.

There are places in between the route that visitors can take note of. A stopover at Natef Falls (Water Mountain) and Wadi al Nakheel (Khor Sanq) is highly recommended.

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The signage outside the village of Hasik leads to Natef Falls, which is also called Hasik Water Mountain. It is 6 km on the right hand side from the signage, but the cliffs along the way are so impressive that the distance just flies by.

Natef Falls (Hasik Water Mountain)

Natef is the site of a spring located in Sadah Wilayat. It is a waterfall over the steep rocks directly along the road. The location of this spring is an extension of the Samhan mountaintops. Natef means distillation of water. This site is characterized by constantly dripping water from the sediments and pools present on the mountaintop. The view from Natef Falls is mesmerizing and includes a beautiful mountain range, road, and turquoise sea.

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The cascading waterfalls of Natef and the nearby pools fed by springs turn the area into picnic spots with people visiting them during the Khareef to enjoy nature at its best.

If you go further down this road, the paved road turns to a dirt road. After a couple of km down the dirt road, there is a military checkpoint where police check identity cards. Photos are prohibited here.

Wadi Al Nakheel (Khor Sanq)

After the Natef Falls, a well-developed road goes into the mountain flank in an impressive way that leads to grey-beige mountains. Then comes the green wonder: the Oasis of Khor Sanq or Wadi al Nakheel in the middle of the mountains! Khor Sanq in Niyabat Hasik is a beautiful natural oasis rich in palm trees surrounded by mountains and greenish water. This is an amazing place to relax in the gorgeous Wadi surrounded by green palm trees, mountains, and a water valley.

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