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242 cases of fishing law violations in April

242 violations of the Fishing Law
242 violations of the Fishing Law

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The Department of Fisheries Control and Licensing at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources, has recorded 242 violations of the Marine Fishing Law during the month of April.

The violations include: not extracting, renewing or holding licenses to practice, boats, ships, transport and marketing - 207 violations; the use or possession of prohibited fishing equipment and devices - 17 violations; hunting or possessing lobster or young lobster laden with eggs off the season - 4 violations; not placing signs on boats and ships – 3 violations; besides one violation for hunting or possessing abalone outside the season or hunting abalone juveniles.

The department also recorded one violation related to hiring unlicensed expat workers, and nine other violations related to the fishing activity.

The Department of Fisheries Control and Licensing also managed, during the same month, to confiscate 730 kilograms of fish, and recorded 31 seizures including of 3 boats, 3 engines, 4 equipment, 20 fishing nets and 1 expatriate worker.

The ministry makes efforts to preserve fish wealth in the Sultanate of Oman by strengthening and intensifying the fish control work on the coasts of the country, especially during the seasons of fishing, in addition to providing awareness to artisanal fishermen and those working in professions related to the fisheries sector about the Marine Fishing Law and its Executive Regulations to reduce violations in the fishing sector.

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