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The will to overcome


It has been hot and humid in some parts of the Sultanate of Oman, while it has been raining with hail storms in other places. But joy has been the common emotion in all as Oman celebrated first day of Eid al Fitr on Monday.

For two years since families have been celebrating the occasion separately, finding different ways to greet and celebrate while maintaining social distance. Here we are in 2022, bold enough to move about freely keeping in mind the safety and precautions of Covid-19. After weeks of fasting it is time to move forward with joy of accomplishment in maintaining discipline at various levels.

If habits take 21 days to establish then we have crossed that but human psychology is a strange one - we tend to ease down very quickly. Many would have gone through soulful searching for answers and they will now miss the calmness of the holy month of Ramadhan when everyone is attuned to almost the same frequency.

Now people’s reaction and energy may vary. But the month has been providing daily lessons in practicing patience and this is one quality we always need throughout our lives. And if there is another lesson we can master then it ought to be overcoming procrastination.

That urge to postpone actions to be taken until the next day or the forthcoming days could be one of the most self-damaging habits. Knowingly yet unknowingly we fall into that trap of procrastination again and again feeling sorry for oneself yet missing out on world of opportunities.

So where does procrastination arise from? Is it lack of will power? Sometimes I wonder whether procrastinators prefer deadlines because we end up there naturally. Experts advise to try doing small amount of work towards the project and apparently when the brain is alert there is an urge to complete it. So if one is waiting for creative cues we might miss out the deadline and the project all together while waiting because the person could very easily fall into procrastination. But a writer’s block is very much a situation many people go through so is burn out.

But we all know each day is a new opportunity and a new beginning. But on occasions there are situations where one is waiting for new sources of inspiration and information. We need to see more successful people – not necessarily monetary wise, but in overcoming obstacles to reach where they are today.

When we go through intense days there comes holidays to give one the break that is required to cut across the flow and go back to norm and see how many new good habits we are able to incorporate into our life styles. The good habits have always been talked about and by now majority of the world population should have inculcated them into main stream practice but it seem not quite so. The end result is some people competing, some procrastinating (thinking tomorrow I will achieve) and others withdrawing into their cocoon not wanting to disturb their peace.

So how can it be that we ask children all to be the same as they grow? Their personalities are already set in most of the case but we can try to mould them to face the world. But the world is evolving too and so are the expectations not to forget the challenges. The knowledge has definitely increased with information being accessible at all levels. But values – now that seems to be a terrain that still needs nourishing to be available freely. If values need to be accessible it needs to be in the same platforms as other information.

As life continues to bring in challenges, more than ever before there is a need for inner strength than jut muscle strength and knowledge. There is requirement for empathy, understanding to support humanity. More and more children are being displaced and growing up in camps shaking their cultural roots.

When we cannot guarantee stability for food and knowledge how can we expect them to digest values?

It is a circle an all encompassing one. And whether it is to overcome procrastination or promote and adopt values one factor that is required is motivation.

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