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The possibility of creating global events in Oman

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Maladh al Jabri and Saba al Balushi


The event industry is the product of thought, science, loftiness and power. It's an industry built on a foundation of numerous fundamental components that function for the future, not the past. The sorts of events vary depending on the motivation and aim, and the event industry differs depending on the capabilities and capacities. Oman has several tourism elements that will promote Oman's future in the event sector, so why do not we see Oman in the ranks of the world's countries hosting events?

The Business Society group at the College of Economics and Political Science, in Sultan Qaboos University, hosted the eighteenth business week with the theme "The Event Industry: A Popular Economic Path" , believing in the importance of this subject at this time. The purpose of this business week is to introduce and promote the Sultanate of Oman's skills in hosting various events, as well as to explore the challenges that this sector faces in Oman.

The event sector in the Sultanate of Oman has various problems for various reasons, the most significant of which are venue selection and proper event advertising.

One of the first tasks in the event industry, whether it's for a worldwide or local event, is to select a location. The appropriate venues for hosting and studying the event should be investigated. Then chosen as the most appropriate for the event based on their quality. The venues chosen to hold the event must be able to accommodate big crowds as well as be prepared to deal with any unexpected circumstances that may arise. Although numerous locations in Oman could hold local or international events, we do not see that significant international event were hosted in Oman.

In this regard, the Business society Group at Sultan Qaboos University hosted Engineer Saeed al Shanfari, CEO of the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre, at its 18th Commercial Week dialogue session. Where he stated that the main problem lies in the length of the planning process to host the event, as the request to host the event must be submitted to the official authorities. The problem is not only a site problem as it is a problem to understand the process that precedes the creation of events and the selection of their places. He also stated that Oman has attempted to host several past international events, particularly in the field of sports, but that the lengthy procedure has hampered the event's development, even though hosting venues for such events are readily available.

Second, event advertising is one of the most crucial procedures in the event industry, whether it occurs before or after the event because it is the interface through which people view the event. However, one of the most significant issues facing Oman in general, and the event business in particular, is the promotion process. Oman is a diversified media country with a diverse media audience, with some preferring traditional media and others preferring modern media. However, events do not receive adequate media coverage to promote them, resulting in visitor scarcity.

Mubarak al Hamdani, sociology and public policy specialist, believes the challenge with advertising the event stems from its scale. Local events cannot be promoted in the same way that global ones are. Because Oman frequently holds local events so that promotion is limited.

In any case, Oman's events industry will enhance tourism while also benefiting the economy. Obstacles to the event sector in Oman are, of course, due to a misunderstanding of the process of evaluating event venues and the length of time it takes to hold a worldwide event. Furthermore, simply promoting internal events does not encourage international events to choose Oman as a venue. Despite this, Oman has excellent tourist attractions sites, as well as a varied media audience.

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