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Misusing the spirit of charity!

The charitable donations is one of the practices of the society. It is good if it is channelised through voluntary and civil society organisations. With the passage of time and technological advancements, now it is also being done electronically. The systemic work of charitable donations has helped in reducing the burdens of the needy and deserving families. But there are some who are unfortunately misusing this spirit and come out on streets and public places and beg. In most cases, they do not deserve such donations and support. Many have made it their profession and collected thousands of rials, just by playing with the sentiments of the people. They approach in a way that anybody would become prey to their foul play. There are some who even use their children and elderly people, deploy them on streets and make them beg.

This is a disease which has entered into our society from outside. It has never been there. Therefore, it is important to fight and eradicate it. To deal with it, it is important to take care of the families which have hardships. The Ministry of Social Development could have some support programmes. Some charity organisations should also come forward to shoulder the burden of this segment of the society. But for this, the primary requirement would be that people should not support those who resort to begging. They should direct their charitable donations to the right channels so that these bad practices are not encouraged.

There is no doubt that the phenomenon of begging has recently increased. Despite the government and non-government level efforts, there is no sign of it being reduced. In many cases, it has emerged as a mafia which appear in various forms and shapes. They deceive and win the sympathy of the people with kind hearts. You will see them after prayers in the mosques. You will find that some of them will stop their car near you and request you for some money for food or fuel. Some individuals would stop you suddenly when you are walking and request you to help them. You would find some of them standing right outside the ATMs and will catch you as soon as you come out. There are some who would send you video or audio clips on your phones or through your social media accounts asking for money. Many would also tell you how to transfer money to their accounts. If you would do so there are chances that you would be cheated.

The Ministry of Social Development is monitoring to get rid of these practices, guide the beggars in the right path, create awareness among people that they should avoid encouraging such practices and help them through charity organisations. This is also a fact that many of us are helping this disease to grow in society. Everyone among us should introspect and see how much he or she is responsible for supporting such wrong activities.

Whatever these beggars are doing is against the rules, regulations and approach of the government. We unfortunately do not realise that when we come forward and help these beggars, we violate these rules, oppose the vision and help such a dirty practice grow in the society. When we do all this, we actually harm the approach that the government or the organisation concerned will reach out to all those who are needy and deserving without allowing them to come out on streets and start begging. When we do so we open the flood gates to more serious and heinous crimes in the society which you cannot even imagine.

When I am talking about curbing begging in the society, I am not asking you to create a category in the society which is hated. Instead, I want that the support to the needy should be given through proper system and channel. The charitable donations or the money which we spend on charity should be distributed through the channels concerned. There are more than 30 charity and voluntary organisations in the country working day and night to support the needy.

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