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Escape to these five beaches for the long Eid holiday


With the long Eid holiday already announced, it’s time to plan out an escape. If you’re not flying out of the country, consider the following beach escapes to make your holiday week a memorable one.

The sweet White

Beach of Fins

During Eid, the whole stretch of Fins and the neighbouring cliffs of Tiwi will definitely get filled with campers and adventures. If you’re looking for the best spot to enjoy some sweet time on the beach, look no further than the White Beach in Fins, one of the best destinations barely an hour away from Muscat.

White Beach is definitely one of Fins most alluring beaches attracting hundreds of campers every holiday. The few kilometres of white sand are best for activities like barbecue, beach volleyball and even football.

Our suggestion, go at an earlier time to book your spot. This is a first-come, first-serve camp so consider bringing your own portable toilets.

The beautiful

cove of Shiyah

About 15-minute drive from Sur one will find the tiny but beautiful cove of Shiyah. Located right in the middle of Sur and Ras al Hadd, the waters here are crystal clear and fade into the emerald embrace of the sea. It’s one of the beach coves nearest to Sur and the nearby clears had been a favourite spot for camping for a lot of families. While one needs to go down the cliff through paved steps, the climb up can be a little tiring. But once you’re on the sand, it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon swimming. To enjoy this place, you should expect to carry all your provisions up and down the steps.

The inviting waters

of Ashkarah

Located about 312 kilometres from Muscat, Ashkarah is both deceptive and beguiling. The waves can be tough depending on the time of the year making this place a great escape to catch some waves for surfing. A little farther from the town proper is a long stretch of white sand that is also frequented during holidays by families within the area as well as travellers from Muscat. What we personally love about Ashkarah though is that this is the closest place you can experience where the dunes meet the sea. If you can handle some waves, then this is a destination you should check out during this long holiday.

The pristine sandbars

of Barr al Hikman

It’s a long drive from Muscat passing through tricky roads located around five hours from the capital towards the stark landscape of Al Wusta. Conquer the challenges on the road and you will be welcomed by the soft, beautiful beaches of Barr al Hikman described as a shorebird paradise and the Maldives of the Middle East. There’s already a temporary camp set up here for people to experience and along with it are some water activities like kayak and kiteboarding but make sure to book early as the Eid will definitely bring a lot of people to this part of the Sultanate of Oman.

The camper’s paradise

of Masirah

Another long drive from Muscat and crossing over to another island by a ferry, Masirah promises not just pristine beaches but also amazing sand and diverse mountains. A visit here means having the option to select over 20 different beach locations that will fit your fancy. With the long Eid, it’s an amazing time for you to consider a drive to this island which is also home to sea turtles and other dynamic marine life. Just a reminder though. All stores are located at the edge of the island where the port is located. Make sure to buy your provisions before heading out to the different beaches.

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