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Time is the healer

It is summer again and the interior areas of the Sultanate of Oman are enjoying afternoon showers almost on a daily basis.

The summer rains on their own could be a tourist attraction. The humidity tends to be on the higher side, but it is all part of local cloud development of Al Hajar mountain range and so where the Hajar stretches up to one can experience the overcast weather and sense the rain somewhere having a touchdown.

When one stands on the natural balconies of Wakan village, a sight to behold is the flowing clouds bringing in precipitation on time and that is by late afternoon.

On the other hand one should fight against the urge to visit the wadis during that time because this is when the flash floods occur.

I remember driving down Al Jabal Al Akhdhar, it had just begun to drizzle up on the mountains, but by the time we reached the foothills after a few stops here and there the wadis were flowing in full strength. Everyone waited for the water to rush across and calm down, while some got out of their vehicles to watch the water pass by in its set path there was excitement in the air and moments for photography and videography. That was when passengers in one vehicle looked distressed and impatient. They were from India and had come for a short stay at one of the hotels on Jabal Akhdhar, and had to rush to catch the flight because tomorrow was another day with full of appointments.

Asked whether they had explored other parts of the Sultanate of Oman and they said, ‘No.’ They had just come to the mountains to enjoy the spa and facilities and go back. And this wasn’t their first visit. Explained to them the dangers of crossing a running wadi and it is best to be safe than try to save few minutes. But this was also the time I realised the different aspects of tourism - leisure tourism.

This summer the rains have been bringing lot of joy as always. But not for a friend of mine. I have a friend who works in Muscat but is from the interior and so she usually times her trip back home during summer period in such a way that she can avoid not just the weekend traffic but also the rain and the wadi flow.

This year though the rain and the wadi flow seem to me as her tears being washed away. She has just lost her dear father and the pain is unbearable and the rain must bring back lot of memories. She finds solace in prayers now. When we lose someone we go through a variety of emotions but when it is a parent we become like an anchor less ship said another friend. It is true - a ship caught in the storm with no direction but circling in swirling water.

Death is inevitable and is guaranteed once born. All storms have to calm down with time. And when lost, what we can do is to look back on what our parents, our first teachers, have taught us.

We will get back our orientation and our compass.

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