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Time of sharing moments and feelings alike

As days, weeks, months and years are not all the same, we experience different moments and occasions all the year round. Undoubtedly, there are very special times to us, which people mostly observe with family or loved ones whom they live with or are close to. Joining family, friends, colleagues or neighbours to commemorate a particular occasion or be together marks a key reason to celebrate a social or special gathering.

This reflects the philosophy of life that interpret people are social creatures. That is why they mostly like to get together, marking different occasions and enjoying good times for even simple causes. Humans are social beings and they are happier and better when connected to one another. They are social creatures not occasionally or accidently, but always! As Mother Teresa stated, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”.

Belonging to one another is not only reflected in serving others and helping them, rather it comes in the form of socialising with others too. Hence one belongs to other fellows when sharing with them memorable moments and occasions. Though, people experience a different impact when moments sometimes happen during seasonal or spiritual period of time in the year. The month of Ramadhan, for instance, comes on top of such special seasons of celebration and togetherness.

Ramadhan is basically about people getting together more than other times of the year. This is backed by their highly intensified emotions of caring and sharing during Ramadhan. In fact, it is a month about appreciating, reunion and cementing relations between people and families. The month’s spirit essentially brings the strong feeling of importance of sharing togetherness and being close to family in particular.

As in addition to sharing spiritual moments of Ramadhan, it promotes sharing feelings with others too. People usually share moments of joy and spirituality with family, friends, colleagues and society overall. The value of sharing moments in Ramadhan is marked through different images of gatherings such as iftar (breaking fast), Taraweeh prayers (special ritual in Ramadhan) and evening meetings in which most people spend their time together by exchanging visits.

Breaking the fast in Ramadhan, as a religious ritual, in groups or as a big family revives the feeling of unity and togetherness of humans as social creatures. Such moment brings a thrilling emotion of happiness to socialise with loved ones in a blessed time of the year. Performing the Taraweeh prayers with other Muslim brothers reveals a special feeling of pride to stand with others worshiping the Almighty Allah. Of course, there are other forms of togetherness marked by Muslims during Ramadhan.

What brings them all together in two different forms of rituals and gatherings is being all brothers of Islam, practicing their worship and religious rituals together as Muslims. Regardless of their nationality, language and background, such daily gatherings during Ramadhan reflect the commendable unity and harmony of Muslims. This spirit is observed by Muslims in different parts of the world where they converge and meet for prayers and perform religious ceremonies.

Ramadhan is always a great time for togetherness and experiencing the aspects of caring and sharing. All the enjoyable moments that people share with family, friends, colleagues or neighbours even will definitely etch in the minds and last forever. They will be stored in one’s box of memories and will be recalled someday in the years to come. Just remember that life is not lived by what we gain, but what we give to others.

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